Christmas Carols and Christmas Cards!

The Carol Sing at the church last eve was really fun. Christmas decorations brightened every corner:

the front of the church…


window decor

…and unfortunately, that’s all the photos I can show you! I do not understand this Dinosaur of a home computer, and I can’t figure out how to rotate my photos…so you can imagine the pots of poinsettias and a close up of the Christmas tree. 😦

The music was divine. Just a solid hour of carol singing, people suggesting their favourites, and accompaniment by piano, flute and guitar, as appropriate to the songs chosen. Everyone just relaxed and enjoyed the music. I forgot how much I love to sing! After so many songs, my throat was a little hoarse, though! Good thing we had refreshments after – I really enjoyed catching up with a few favourite people I have not chatted with in a while, and just absorbing the warmth and good cheer.


This eve consisted of this:

luckily, my pooched laptop will play music!

I got through all of Enya and Sarah McLaughlin while I addressed these!…

some of this year's christmas card designs...

With the newly-fallen snow from today, a cosy condo casa, and my Xmas tunes and card-writing, it was a thoroughly Christmas-y evening!


Gave my new boots a trial run walk after work, and I am thoroughly impressed! I came home with warm toes, and never slipped once – the treads are fine. If this snow sticks around, they’ll be getting a lot of use!

Tomorrow eve we’re at a party – but not a Holiday Party! Should be fun!

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