A Birthday/Bon Voyage Cinq a Sept

moo baa la la la!

(I know my Susan Boynton books, I tell ya!)


our party this eve!

Our friend Dianne (yes, a two-“N” Dianne – I love the sign in the photo above with the hasty spelling correction!) leaves just after Christmas for a whirlwind traveling tour through Europe, then on to New Zealand. Tonight ,we were invited to The Forty-One in downtown Kitchener to celebrate Dianne’s birthday, and to bid her a fond farewell before she leaves for about ten months of adventure.

Word of the night? SWANK.

love the decor

festive decorations add glam!

Apparently, this spot has undergone renos, recently. I loved the high ceilings, exposed brick, cement walls and open atmosphere. Hip, yet somehow cosy and inviting. Our party was held in the front bar area. I loved everything about this social event! 1) the time: 5:30-7:30 pm, drop-in/open house – this time works with my inner clock 2) the venue (for the reasons, above) 3) the informality – mix and mingle, informal socials jive with my social personality.

dianne and me!

party self-portrait!

socializing with fellow condo-ites! and b, joanne, janet and dave, and doug!

About 7 pm, it was time for cake and champagne!

a delicious banana cake with butter cream frosting!

yes, they lit all the candles on the cake - more impressively, dianne blew them all out in one breath!

we all sang happy birthday, too!

Guess what I enjoyed even more than the cake??!…


I’m not a drinker at all; this is, I think, the second time in my life I have tasted champagne. All I can say? Yum!!! Now that’s a nice celebration drink!

So glad we could celebrate with Dianne and wish her the best. And it was great fun to be exposed to a new event space!


Tomorrow is my day off! After working six days in a row, I’m ready for a slight breather. Although, have to say that the store has been super fun – Monday and today, I noticed that the Christmas shopping has really picked up. I have tomorrow off, then work five more days in a row starting on Thursday. Would be nice to have a strong sales weekend!

So tomorrow I am going to take my laptop to the computer doctor and see what is up…I’m really hoping I am a dork, and that Terry the Wonder Wizard at Neutron Computers will be able to go zip, zap, zoop and my laptop will be normal. Fingers crossed!

ETA: Sorry for the weird captioning of certain photos, above. As I’ve noted the last few days, blogging on The Dinosaur is not ideal!!!

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