14 Wreaths + 14 Doors

The song 12 Days of Christmas is over-rated and over-played. We’re going to celebrate the 14th Day of Christmas (aka the 14th of December) today by partaking in a virtual Christmas Wreath Tour through my building.

Would you believe I scouted out my building, floor by floor, in search of fourteen Christmas wreaths, and ended up with…exactly fourteen! Now I started on my floor (the 4th) and worked my way down to the 1st floor, so I skipped the 5th and 6th Penthouse floors, but still, isn’t it funny that I found exactly the number I wanted!

So let’s play “Rate the Wreath!” Take a look at the wreaths, below, and choose the one you like the best! I’ll share my favourite at the end of the tour, too.


my front door - haha! now, my wreath is neither dramatic nor intensely impressive, but i do love its homespun charm and rustic cuteness


swan lake, perhaps?


overwhelmed by the gold bow


like the greenery, not that keen on the little bell in the centre


very traditional: greerery, pinecones, bobbles, bow


this wreath makes a statement! gorgeous!


lovely fullness, beautiful simplicity with only the boughs and pinecones


while similar to #7, this wreath lacks fullness; berries are an additional "au naturel" touch


like the boughs-n-berries wreath part, would ditch the gaudy ribbon/bow


again, a fan of the wreath itself; needs a bow that is NOT plaid, IMO


someone let a child loose at a craft table...


ouch! (wince)


cute snowman; this wreath will grow on you if you look for a couple moments more...

and lastly, #14!

love the colours, the sparkle, needs fullness

And the winner, pour moi?…

A battle between:


ethereal in its beauty...

and #6:

audacious in its boldness

My personal winner??…

it grabs me

Let me know YOUR favourite!


I’m not blogging on The Dinosaur!!!

Made it up to Neutron Computers today and picked up a keyboard, on loan til my replacement laptop keyboard comes in. A little more cumbersome on my counter…

good thing i've got a deep counter corner!

…but I’ll take it! So nice to be able to type while I’m downstairs again!

And now I’m off to wrap presents and play Christmas music!!! It may be a night for Boney M!

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