An Early Christmas Present!

Take a look at this photo! Notice what you don’t see?

my laptop…with no temporary keyboard attached!

I worked at the store until 2 pm, then quick flew down to Neutron Computers before the snow started to flurry again. Figures that my keyboard came in yesterday, just 24 hours after I had yet again been to Neutron to get the temp keyboard. Ah well, just happy to get the laptop fixed up (anything to avoid using The Dinosaur)!

Terry had never seen my computer problem before – a keyboard that suddenly goes psychotic on the fritz . But…apparently this is a glitch that has been happening to other keyboards – if I understand correctly (and it’s completely possible that I don’t) the underside of the keys have been fusing/melting so you type one letter (like “a”) and end up with “a8h” – yup, that was my scenario.

In super-pleasing news, I ended up getting my NEW keyboard replaced COMPLETELY FREE! I didn’t have to pay for parts, labour, nada. Coolness! Just let me make my plug for purchasing electronics at an independent retailer; I doubt a Big Box store would have been as easy to deal with, or as quick in turn-around time.

It’s wonderful to be able to type normally again!

evidence that the keyboard is working!

Off to do an annual Christmas project. Think I’ll pop in this CD. Yup, feeling wild and crazy tonight!!

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