Good Evening!

And you know why it’s a good evening? Because 1) I’m listening to a CD of choral Christmas music and at this exact moment, “Carol of the Bells” is ringing forth. If that’s not one of the most rousing and robust of carols ever, I don’t know what is. Because 2) it’s the ^&$#*$ shortest day of the year, thank the Baby Jesus. If I sound desperately grateful…well, I am! It’s no secret that winter is not my preferred season of the year. But from this day forward, each day will get just that little bit longer.

It’s been a busy two days at the store, Monday and today. Especially yesterday! It was the first day that teachers and students were free from school, and many people obviously jumped right in to Holiday Shopping mode. We are now sold out of Yaktrax:

These grips for ice and snow

 are popular gift choices for seniors, runners, males, females, as stocking stuffers or desperate “I don’t know what to get!!!!” panic buys.

A new trend this year: the pre-December 25th gift return! Today I processed a greater-than-average number of refunds. The reasons range from duplicate gift purchases to “I changed my mind” to “I found something elsewhere.” Interestingly, I find these customers to be more fraught with impatience than shoppers making initial gift choices. They must be frustrated with the extra time and effort being expended in shopping-mode!


the posted invitation (please ignore the credit card on there - it's just to block out the name of our building!)

 Last evening, we ventured down to our condo building’s lobby about 8 pm, just after I finished baking cookies.

The party time was 7-9 p.m., but we’ve learned over time that very few people attend right at the gathering time. As per usual, it was a BYOB event. Our Board of Directors contributed pizza, and attendees brought snack plates:

lovely variety! i brought the orange plate in the back row: shortbread kissie surprises and (very fresh) rugelach!

The lobby provided an intimate venue in which to mingle and visit:

hello down there!

more neighbours!

I love social mixers. First, I caught up with Duncan and Jillian. We had not visited since this occasion, and I wanted to hear all about their recent trip to Las Vegas!

me, duncan, jillian! they dressed casually, too! we all agreed it's great to go to a party where you wouldn't even need to wear shoes (but we did!)

They confirmed that it’s a great place to visit once, to say you’ve been, and that The Strip and the gambling are completely out-of-control and over-the-top. I always like to get first-hand travel accounts. B and I do wish to visit Las Vegas some day – we figure a three night fly-by stop should be enough!

Dianne is set to embark on her whirlwind travel itinerary next week!

janet, dianne, me

Joanne is very pleasant to chat with, too! Both of us enjoy books.

two ex-teachers!

It was a decidedly older set who attended our party. Most of the guests were from the 60+ age group.

a couple of ladies whom i like and i admire: mrs b and mrs w!

I would have to say that this was one of the smaller turnouts, ever. Date too close to Christmas? Competing social events? Not of general interest? Hard to say. Regardless, we had a lovely time. It’s funny how you can live in the same building, yet still rarely see some of your neighbours.


This is a night of discovery! I just figured out how to crop photos and delete red eye!

Then, with a mis-click of my mouse, I found how to change font colours,

 font size,

and other ♣ fun ♥things ∞! Only took 11 months!

Four sleeps til Santa-morn!


Merry Merry Christmas! HO! HO! HO! 🙂

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