All About Christmas Eve!

‘Twas the day before Christmas…

...and the advent calendar is now complete!

...and the santa container is empty of calendar characters!

Xmas Eve Day Retail Update: the store was an absolute ZOO! From opening time at 9:30 a.m. til about 12:30 p.m., I consistently had at least three customers at once. The benefit: no one was in the mood to browse. The men (80% of the shoppers were of the male variety, no real surprise, right?!) knew what they wanted, did not take time to peruse choices, and were out the door again, asap. Along with the quick n ez gift card purchase, a lot of socks were chosen! Everyone was polite, but for the most part, not overly friendly! I guess that’s how you feel when you leave your shopping til the last possible moment!

Things quieted down in the afternoon. I had my last customer fifteen minutes before close, a teenage guy picking up a gift card. Sorry, but I would have guessed someone from that demographic would make the final sale of the day!

For the last few years, B and I have spent Christmas Eve together as a family. It’s funny, but I don’t think a lot of people think of a couple as being a family. We have to remind ourselves, sometimes! Anyway, our tradition is to go for a walk through Waterloo Park to see the Christmas Lights, then watch a movie at home in the evening. Before we went walking, we exchanged Christmas cards and gifts. We don’t really buy extravagant gifts for each other; during the year, we just treat ourselves if we would like to purchase a more major item, and our trips to Aruba have subbed in as gifts in the past, too.

Brad received:

new gloves!

I knew I had to pick these up for B at the store – look carefully at the thumb – it slips back so that you can free your thumb for easy Blackberry-ing! Genius or what!

My gift:

meet "meg!"

A new shop recently opened in our neighbourhood, Bon Mot. I saw this plate in the window, went in and looked at it twice…and got the vibe that this would be a perfect gift for B to give me for Christmas. So I went back AGAIN and bought it, and told B this was what he was giving me! This, too, is typical of our gift exchanges!

I’m not a big dishes person, but this plate fits in with a plan I have for 2011; I’ll share more in the new year about what that will entail!

Waterloo Park was crazy busy! Honestly, of all the walks we’ve taken thus far during the festive season, last night was the busiest, by far. The “nice” weather (as in no snow, wind or freezing temp) likely encouraged people to come out. So fun to see all the families. Enjoy the lights!


on, horsey!

the ring-road through the park is lit with bells...



...and candy canes!

some children's character...but not sure who!

our self-portrait in front of the main entrance...

the parking lot is located here; cars were lining up, waiting for a spot to park!

Then it was home for movie time! Review of movie #37 is posted here!

It was a peaceful, fun, relaxing Christmas Eve, and a great lead-in to Christmas Day!…


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  • Gina Unger  On December 29, 2010 at 11:51 am

    I just looked at this blog page again – our computer wasn’t allowing me to see the photos you’d attached the first time so I just thought to go back and look at it now.
    The lights remind me of our tours this winter in a variety of places. So fun!
    The children’s character you wondered about is “Arthur” as far as I can tell!

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