Eleven for ’11!

We’ll get to the Resolutions/Goals/Plan/Hopes portion of this post in a moment.

But first, this has to be one of the mildest New Year’s Days on record: it was already eight degrees at wake-up this morning. Unfortunately, it’s rained non-stop all day, but the on the flipside, almost all of the snow is washed away:

bet there's been colder easter days!

Now, let’s take a peek at how we’ve spent 2011 so far! (Good thing we’re only a few hours in, haha!)

New things for the new year!…

new tea towels from my christmas stocking and a dishcloth from the new "bon mot" store!

and a new floor mat i picked up in toronto this week!

Over the holidays, my feet got used to being cosy when I was standing at my computer/kitchen sink area because of my festive Christmas floor mat. I’ve been on the lookout for a woven “rag” type mat for a while; my Grandma C had this style when I was little, and it brings memories of happy times with my grandparents.

New Year’s Day brings a few annual traditions: first, the condo casa gets a thorough cleaning. Blech task, but I like the fresh feeling of a grime-and-dust-free home to welcome the new year.

Then, it’s over to mom and dad’s to watch the Rose Bowl Parade with Dad! We’ve enjoyed this tradition for years. Good thing we have each other because no other family members find watching this parade even the least bit enjoyable! But we love the colourful floats and marvel to each other about the artistry and detail of the flower placement.

bring on the floats and the marching bands!


our christmas present to mom: jeggings and a tunic sweater i knit - happily, it fits perfectly!

I came home to make Recipe #39 of the Kiki Project – rank this one a success!

I often want to go sit in a coffee shop and blog…but I rarely make that happen. This afternoon was different! B and I packed up our laptops and headed over to Coffee Culture:

note the new umbrella! luv!

We scored my favourite spot, too! Right by the windows –  natural light spurs creativity!

what more could you ask for? husband+laptop+booth seat!

I love making resolutions. While today is the traditional date of setting new goals, I firmly believe that any day is a good day to change your ways if you’re feeling the vibe. The first of the month, a Monday, another holiday…I’ve used them all as fresh starting points. But since all resolution-setters are gung-ho today, I will share eleven goals for 2011. I love the concept of having 365 days ahead of us in this year! The endless possibilities of what to do with each day excite me!

So, without further ado, and in no particular order…

1. Blog every day. My blog-baby will be a year old next weekend, and this was the best new hobby discovered in 2010. I intend to wrap up the current 1970 Kiki Project this week, and unveil the 2011 version Sunday, January 9th. In 2011, I plan to work on my photography skills, and investigate using Windows Live Writer. A post per day is ambitious!

2. Travel: I am booked for an Aruba vacation for a week in March! Just like my Florida trip, this will be a solo venture, as B cannot get away from work, unfortunately. We have not been to our timeshare since 2008, and I am excited to see the developments on the island. This is the only trip I have planned thus far, but I’d love to do at least another get-away at some point this year. I have no plans for a major get-away like last summer.

3. Knit a blanket for the MCC Relief Sale…for May, 2012. I’ve contributed two blankets over the years, and would like to do another. These take a while to knit! I have a few projects in the queue right now, so realistically, by the time I finish them up, I can aim for 2012. So, the knitting will start in 2011, likely in the fall.

4. Build a set of eclectic dishes. We’ll be married 16 years in July! And we’ve used the same set of speckled grey stoneware dishes for our entire married life (most pieces we received as wedding presents). I’m just ready for a change. And I’d love to make a collection of unique plates, bowls, glassware etc for our daily use. The Meg plate and two pieces of pottery are the first items in our cupboard! In order to make a purchase, I must feel the vibe and be in love with the item. I hope to find pieces from a variety of locations, like Ikea, Pier 1, vintage shops, art sales…I’ll be on the lookout during the year!

5. Keep getting up at 5 a.m. Yup, this schedule is still clicking with me. I began getting up at this hour when the clocks went back an hour in November…except, my internal clock remained unchanged! I love the peacefulness of the early morning, and find I accomplish a lot before the day gets too old. By early eve, I’m ready for bed pretty mellow, but an early-to-bed schedule is not a problem with our lifestyle. We’ll see what happens when the clocks jump ahead again in the spring!…

6. Run a half marathon in 1:44:00 or faster. Place this resolution in the “dream big” category. Once I get my ducks in a row, I would love to run a 13.1 mile race in November. If I go under the time specified, above, I would qualify for the New York City Marathon. Go big or go home, baby!

7. Keep a Gratitude Journal. In 2009, I kept an Excel spreadsheet that I updated daily with either nice things that happened to me that day, pleasantries I was able to do for others, or happenstances where you say, “coincidence? i think not!” This past year, I tracked a daily “A-Ha” moment: a thought, story, quote etc that struck me that day. I’ll go back to the Gratitude log for this year – I like to make a point of noting a feel-good moment about every day.

8. Fulfill my Coupon of the Month Xmas Gift: For Christmas, I bestowed upon Mom, Dad, and The Brother/SIL Ana a “monthly outing” certificate. For each month of 2011, I will arrange a shopping trip with mom, a breakfast/coffee break/lunch outing with Dad, and a babysitting day/evening so that the young parents can go be social without Little E or Baby C. I’ve actually already started! On Thursday, B and I spent several absolutely delightful daytime hours with the girls while The Brother and SIL Ana made use of their “January coupon,” going out for lunch and to the museum. I’ll highlight future “coupon outings” as they occur!

9. Try running in Vibrams. I now have two pairs of this minimalist style of footwear. I can walk comfortably for over an hour in them, so come warmer weather, we’ll initiate some running! Can’t say that this resolution will be completed in conjunction with Resolution #6, though!

10. Reach 100 friends on Facebook. I hesitantly joined Facebook in September (my post-Labour Day goal) and have no regrets. I actually really like this new-fangled social medium a lot. It’s not the life-and-time sucking force I feared it would be, and love how easy it is to stay connected with people. As of today, I have 71 “friends.” Without too much of an effort, I can likely make 29 more in twelve months. Mind you, I am both impressed and shocked by people who amass hundreds (literally) of contacts. One hundred would be just fine with me.

11. Cook more. After receiving both a food processor and “The Joy of Cooking” book for Christmas, I genuinely want to create some meals this year. It’s no secret that I do not really enjoy being in the kitchen. The “40 Recipes” aspect of the Kiki Project helped me expand my culinary skills somewhat; I hope to branch out from baked goods to main meals. We’ll see how this goes…just being honest with y’all!

We’re off to a movie tonight…we’ll take advantage of the mild evening to go over to The Princess! Happy New Year’s Day Night!

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  • Johanna B  On December 29, 2011 at 10:06 am

    The Rose Bowl parade was a favorite as I was growing up. My mother spent time in Hollywood back in the 40’s and she actually got to see the parade in person. Watching it was a family activity on New Years Day. Some day I’d like to see the floats up close. They are so intricately done, so much work.

  • Lisa  On January 2, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    I like the rug—it reminds me of my childhood!

    I also am a fan of the rosebowl parade—I went to it once in 7th grade, and have had a warm fuzzy feeling toward it ever since!

    I enjoyed reading your goals—now to go work on my own!


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