The Best and Worst of the 1970 Kiki Project

I love reading year-in-review summaries. It’s fun to mentally agree or disagree with journalists’ opinions as to their highlights of the past twelve months (ex: Joanne Kates’ Top 10 2010 Toronto Restaurants or Stephen Brunt’s 2010 Sports Picks),  and to make our own lists in comparison. In terms of book suggestions, “Best Of…” reviews offer a great source of reads to seek out for the future, or those to avoid like the plague.

I like doing thumbs up/thumbs down lists, too! For example, after vacationing in Florida this summer, I rated the accomodations where I stayed.

Now that the 1970 Kiki Project, Year One is complete, I thought I’d go back and pick out the best and worst of the forty cereals, movies, reads and recipes. Here then, are the picks ‘n’ pans of last year…

40 Cereals:”

I actually composed a list of cereal shout-outs back on April 29th, after Cereal #40 was consumed. Here is a cut and paste of the awards I gave at that time…

Best New Finds: Puffins: original, peanut butter, cinnamon – all three flavours ROCK!!!

Biggest Dud: no surprise if you’ve read through the list…the Kashis, in general. Now, I may still try a few of the other types, but overall I was just tres disappointed with this brand in general.

Most Pleasant Surprise: Nature’s Path Crunchy Maple Sunrise. This cereal was just delicious and a surprise home run!

Most Sugar-y: Have to go with Cap’n Crunch. Loved the stuff, but it could make a mummy breakdance.

40 Reads

Best Novel/Work of Fiction: The Wife’s Tale (#30) with honourable mention to Good to a Fault (#14).

Worst Piece of Horribly Written Crap Fiction: bold face names (#19)

Best Newspaper: Toronto Globe and Mail (#1) and close runner-up: New York Times, Sunday edition (#24)

Best New Find: Living Oprah (#34)

40 Movies

Best Movie: “Up in the Air” (#3) edges out “Please Give” (#16) and “The Town” (#36) by a narrow margin

Best Actor: George Clooney, for “Up in the Air” (#3) with Colin Firth in “A Single Man” (#4) in second spot

Best Actress: Carey Mulligan in “An Education,” (#9) with Amanda Seyfried in “Chloe” (#7) as runner-up

Best Documentary: “The September Issue” (#2) while “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” (#21) was a close second

Worst Dud: “Talladega Nights” (#27), but “Last Chance Harvey” (#38) was none too good, either

Worst Actor: John C Reilly in “Cyrus” (#23)

Worst Actress: Seema Biswas from “Cooking With Stella” (#6)

“40 Recipes” (Part 1) (Part 2)

Here, a big THANK YOU must be given to B and to my dad for their unwavering support and enthusiastic participation as my Official Taste Testers. I went back to them for their opinions…

Favourite Recipe:

B: Rugelach (#38)

Dad: Butter Tarts (#17)

Least Favourite Recipe:
B: Cornbread Muffins (#34)

Dad: Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins (#20)

Baked Good that you thought you would dislike but liked:
B: Pumpkin Nut Bread (#11)

Dad: the last Banana Chocolate Loaf (#39)

One Recipe that you wish I had made, but I did not:
B: Coffee Cake

Dad: yeast baking or a pie

As Chief Chef, I also have soome opinions…

My favourite recipe to make: Chocolate Chip Cookies #3, #40)

Recipe that was a pain in the a$$: Chocolate Chip Rugelach (#38)

Easiest recipe: Log! (#12)

Most disappointing results: April’s Protein Brownie Bars (#23) – – inedible

Best tasting: Apple Crisp (#8)

Recipe Idea for the current version of the 1970 Kiki Project: get an Apple Pie tutorial from mom – – learn how to make our family pie crust recipe (the secret is the inclusion of whole wheat flour! shh!) and then actually make a real pie, too

There you go! It’s always hard to pick winners and losers, but this list is a fair summary of all of the participating cereals, reads, movies and recipes.

Please feel free to leave YOUR comment on any of the above nominations!

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  • Andrea  On January 15, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    What a great list! Joel and I JUST got back from “Black Swan” and if you haven’t already, you have GOT to see it – Natalie Portman is incredible; definitely an Oscar/1970 Kiki Project “Best Actress” contender!

  • Dorry  On January 11, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    This is such a fun list! I LOVE Puffins and Nature’s Path cereals & granolas, too. Delicious!

  • Lisa @Thrive Style  On January 10, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Great list! I know of a few sugary things that would make a mummy breakdance…. but that’s just so funny I can’t think of any!

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