Water, Water Everywhere! :/

This is not the same bottle of water that I showed you last eve:

same backdrop, different bottle...

As soon as I hit “publish,” on the blog post, I opened the fridge door. And tried to grab the hummus, salsa, veggie tray AND bottle of H2O…all at the same time. Doofus move, if ever there was one. In fact, as I was trying to do everything with one swift grab, I could fully predict what was going to happen, but was unable to stop my actions in time. Unfortunately, I was completely right.

Crash, splat, smash.

You got it: the glass and one full litre of sparkling water all over the kitchen floor. Yes, expletives flew. But darling B came to the rescue – he told me to get going to BFF Debbie’s and he would clean up the mess. What a sweetie! I make his weekday sandwiches, my cleans up my goofs. Teamwork!

A good blogger would have grabbed the camera and captured the mess for photographic drama; guess I am still too novice!


You know it’s a successful social get-together when your smile and laugh muscles are sore at 10 p.m. And when it’s past your usual bedtime and you couldn’t care less.

I had a wonderful time at Girls’ Night! Here we are:

debbie (L) and nadine (R)

michelle (L) and danielle (R)

yours truly (L) and debbie (R)

I had not seen Michelle since Grade 8 graduation! Would have recognized her immediately, though.

Nadine and Danielle are sisters. Nadine and I worked at the same company twelve years ago – in a company with 3000 employees, our desks were across the aisle from each other!

Danielle, Debbie and I were regular walking buddies a few years ago.

So, even though I had not joined these girls before, it was immediately a comfortable setting. Of course, BFF Debbie’s divine digs help with the cosy factor, too.

i wanted to steal these couch pillows! love the seating vignette

i fully admit to stealing decorating ideas! in debbie's kitchen...

Despite the array of seating options, we remained congregated around the centre island the whole evening! Five women together is a great combo: we switched constantly from sharing in one huge conversation, to breaking into smaller 2 and 3 person pairings. One constant: there was never a dull – nor quiet – moment. As it should be!

apps & drinks!

The conversation was entertaining, informative, enlighteningwhat girls’ discuss stays at girls’ night. 🙂


Tonight, another social engagement is on our calendar. I need to borrow mom’s shoes again!

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  • Lisa @Thrive Style  On January 15, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    You’re such a social butterfly lately 🙂

    I love girls’ nights…and I used to feel like it was a little stressful, like there would be drama, but maybe we all grew out of that. I’m currently in Fla with three women I love dearly, but have nothing in common with except our past….but we’re still having an awesome time!

    • 1970kikiproject  On January 15, 2011 at 4:21 pm

      ooo, enjoy your florida time and the girl time! lovely that you could all connect to visit in person..and in such a nice climate during the month of January!

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