Chillin’ Sunday

Feeling randomly chatty, today!…

~ It’s cold out, to put it mildly (haha, pun!):

Clear-18 °C

  • Clear

  • Feels Like: – 27
  • Wind: NW 7km/h
  • Sunrise: 7:46
  • Sunset: 17:20
  • (source:

    But the funny thing is that I was warm while B and I walked this afternoon! I fully credit my Sorel boots and the disposable heatwarmers for my hands that I stuffed in my (triple layer of) mitts. In fact, I didn’t want to come inside! The sunshine was glorious.

    ~ Have you got the football game on??

    Classic match-ups this year to determine who will get to the Superbowl. Who’s your team??

    Green Bay Packers?

    Chicago Bears?

    New York Jets?

    Pittsburgh Steelers?

    I JUST had B put the final minutes of the Packers-Bears game on for me. It was 14-7 Packers til JUST NOW the Packers intercepted the ball and scored another touchdown. Best football of the year today – typically, closer and more action-packed games than the Super Bowl. I don’t regularly watch the NFL games anymore, but I do enjoy the excitement of today’s battles!

    [ETA: touchdown Chicago! I can’t even keep up!

    ETA2: game over! Packers advance!]

    ~ Deal of the Century:

    For Christmas 2009, I bought The Brother this jacket at the store:


    The Nike Pacer Tight-Knit Mens Track Jacket

    I paid full price for it – $89.99 – at the time (before my staff discount). [Oops! HaHa, nothing like telling someone how much you paid for their gift!]

    We’ve had one size Large jacket hanging around the store since that time. Recently our Home Office has reduced the price a few times. On Friday, our markdown report indicated the price to be….$4.99. That is NOT a typo. Yes, that would be approx the price of a S’bucks coffee! I snapped it up right away for my Dad. Once again, apply the employee discount and I paid…



    This is one for the record books! Dad looks great in his new jacket, too!

    perfect fit!

    you can never beat nike for style, comfort, durability

     Just don’t wear it for your golf games together, guys!

    ~ Finished a knitting project today!

    (‘Twas quite slow at the store during my morning shift):

    still needs to be blocked so that it's uniformly square - dampening and pinning the blanket will fix that

    close up of the pattern/yarn

    I designed this blanket simply because I wanted an excuse to use the gorgeous yarn! It’s actually sock yarn – Noro’s Kureyon sock yarn. Due to the shape and wool content of the yarn, I think it will be best suited as a stroller blanket – snuggle it around baby as a winter warmer! I’ll keep it on hand to give as a “welcome, baby” gift, when needed. I’m pretty happy with how fast this project went – I started knitting the blanket Sunday December 19, so it took just over a month – not bad considering I ripped back a few rows a couple of times!

    My next mindless project (ie one I can while reading) is going to be this shrug for mom…

    the pattern...

    ...and this yarn

    Mom and I picked up this kit (mom pays, I knit) at the Knitter’s Fair, back in September (where has the time gone?!). With any luck, mom will still get some wear out of the shrug during this winter season.

    ~ …and I’m outta here! We have two episodes left of Season 2 of Rescue Me, so we’re going to watch those now! And you betcha I’ll be knitting!

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