Daily Archives: February 7, 2011

A Super Super Bowl Party

Last eve, B and I got ready for Jeff’s Super Bowl Party. We left 30 seconds before we wanted to arrive (6:30 p.m.):

wait for me!! 26 steps down the stairs, and around the corner - arrived!

Jeff really is the Host with the Most. He provides a wonderful spread of apps, and last eve, gave us a selection of two types of pulled pork and homemade chili. Both were excellent.

It’s BYOB, and I brought along a new beverage:

diet ginger ale, flavoured with stevia!

Two thumbs up for this pop! Honestly, I couldn’t tell that it wasn’t sweetened with sugar or aspartame. I definitely will buy this again.

I also brought along a plate of my chocolate chip cookies to contribute to the dessert table:

had to protect the cookies for the long commute to the party, don'tcha know!

You know you’ve got a winner of a cookie on your hands when people dig in to them during the appetizer course!

Yes, you need to make these cookies now!! That Anna Olson knows what she’s doing! I can vouch for the fact that the taste and texture are both out of this world. Don’t say you didn’t get fair warning!

By the time we arrived, we had missed hearing Christina Aguilera sing the National Anthem…and that was a good thing, by the sounds of things…

Pretty much everyone was gathered by this time! Let the socializing begin!

our host, jeff, and katie!

is anyone actually watching the game?!

party guests: a mix of our neighbours + jeff's daughter jillian's friends - love the mix of age groups!

me, neighbour sue, katie, donnie

neighbour lou + jillian's fiance, duncan

jeff + b!

Actually, I ended up seeing more of the game than I thought I would! And my wish for an exciting match came true – saw my fill of interceptions, turnovers, touchdowns – couldn’t ask for more.

everyone except about two guests was cheering for green bay! good thing they won!

The half-time show drew our attention even more than the football:

black eyed peas, fergie, dancers = spectacle!

Personally, I loved the dancers and the choreography. Was super-happy that the Black Eyed Peas included The Time/Dirty Bits in their musical montage! Could have done without Fergie’s version of “Sweet Child of Mine…” that song belongs to Guns n Roses, only.

We stayed til well into the third quarter. I left the few cookies that were still around. Since last year’s Super Bowl Experimental Dessert…

…was one of the flops of the “40 Recipes,” (see #5), the cookies made up for that disappointment!

Unfortunately, we don’t get the US feed here for commercials – so I have no idea if there were some funny gems shown during the game. Guess I can go online to find out! All I know is I didn’t see any of this guy – boo hoo:


All in all, it was a fantastic Super Bowl experience: super friends, super food, super game…who could ask for anything more.

And I leave you with this:

ball of rewound yarn? you guessed correctly - i had to do some ripping of mom's sweater - grrr!