Daily Archives: February 17, 2011

Mugging for the Camera

I have two new mugs!

Since I have yet to find the perfect mug in a store, I had the brainwave to ask SIL Ana and The Brother if I could *shop* in their mug cupboard last eve. New mug for me, PLUS  there’d be a positive vibe attached (I ♥ SIL Ana and the Brother, in case you haven’t guessed!). I’m all about vibes for people, places and things.


mug #1: i love the asian influences in the cream + blue design, plus it's got a lovely shape and heft

mug #2: this one speaks to my quirky sense of humour - i'm not a scientist, and what is a drought research initiative, anyway?!

So until I find the perfect mug to purchase (and it’s out there, somewhere!), I will flipflop happily between my two new choices… + the ol’ BRAD mug!


I made a special delivery this afternoon!

mom the model and some beautiful touch-of-spring forsythia!

Sweater! – Done! – and now Delivered!

the shrug-sweater style drapes wonderfully around mom's petite frame!

Every rip-back was worthwhile when I see the finished product and the perfect fit.

the sleeve is just the right length - whew!

The pattern was insane quite off-base when they detailed the sleeve length instructions. Glad I freelanced adjusted it.

this shrug will be versatile for layering over different colours, various tops

happy campers!

What project for mom will we find at the Knitter’s Fair this coming September, I wonder?!


It’s Cake Class #2 tonight!

I borrowed a cake carrier, a cupcake carrier (for next week) and some spatulas from SIL Ana.

Look what I did already…

oops! argghhh!!

Cake casualty during the transfer from plate to carrying platter…hopefully Shay has some suggestions on “how to camouflage an oops!”

The next few days are plum crazy, so I’ll tell you about tonight’s class either Saturday or Sunday. (or Monday or Tuesday!….)