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New Experience #6: Play Roll Up the Rim

What is Canadian???….well, let’s see:

~ maple syrup



~the Rockies


more abundant in locations than s'bux, really and truly

Every year, at this time, Canadians get super excited because it is time for the Roll Up the Rim To Win contest at dear old Timmie’s.

Since I have never been a coffee fan until this year, I have never had occasion to play. In fact, UNTIL YESTERDAY, I had only ever had ONE Tim Horton’s coffee, ever (it was after I ran the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington, one year, and I was, yes, so chilly, that I sipped a free coffee. I found it profoundly yucky, but when you’re practically hypothermic, you sacrifice).

I have no idea how long the RUTR contest is on for, and since I am outta the country next week, I thought I better play while I can. So I stopped in on Monday afternoon at one of the three TH’s in my ‘hood.

the menu is decidedly easier to figure out than starbucks, thank goodness!

I knew what I wanted: the largest decaf possible:

cup options - why would you want anything other than the contest cup??!

TH customer service is hit and miss. I had a slight miss – they had no decaf brewed, so I had to wait four minutes (the horror!) for my coffee. On the positive, at least it was tres fresh that way! And that just gave me more time to snap photos (no embarrassment whatsoever; it’s all about the blog!).

i don't care WHAT i would win, i just would love to win!

I brought my coffee home to the condo casa so I could add in some stevia and sip in solitude:

will beginner's luck be mine??!

I just about busted a fake nail trying to roll up that rim!

a coffee as big as your head?? that's ok!

And, and….

NOT my lucky day...that would say "play again."

And you know, I just very well may play again! I LIKED the Tim’s coffee! Some people call it swill, [Sidenote: Tim Horton’s has a much more blue-collar/working class reputation as opposed to Starbuck’s yuppie, white-collar vibe] but I honestly thought it was good coffee!

This was a short and easy New Experience! And I deserve a gold star on my passport for becoming a fan of Tim!

Where is your favourite place to get a coffee? Anyone had any luck at Tim’s yet this year??!

My mom usually wins a muffin and/or a coffee per year!