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Aruba Predictions!


[Ok, Aruba is not really a Spanish-speaking country, but that greeting just sounds so vacation-y!]

As we speak, I am flying the friendly skies, and winging my way to Aruba! (I sure hope!)


[The next photo of Aruba will be a *real* one!]

One week of sun, heat, BINGO and shopping…I am ready!

Just as I did before my Florida vacation this summer, I thought it’d be fun to set some vacation goals (no, that is not an oxymoron, in my book!). Here’s how I envision spending my week in paradise. We’ll compare this preview with what really goes down upon my return home…

~ read two novels. I am taking THREE and hope to finish at least two of them

~find a couple of pieces of eclectic kitchen dishes for the collection I am slowly building (see item #4).

~stick with the 5 a.m. wake-up routine: Aruba is one hour ahead of us. So that means that Monday morning, I will feel like I am getting up at 4 a.m. On the good side, this coming weekend (technically Sunday March 13) the clocks go ahead one hour in Canada as Daylight Saving Time begins – but this time adjustment does NOT occur in Aruba. Long story short: I won’t need to switch my internal clock BACK at all when I return home!

~finish A’s sweater. Haha! The likelihood of this ambitiousness happening is as likely as it raining every day in Aruba. But I’ll toss the goal out there, and we’ll see how much progress I can make. (The back of the sweater is done).

~blog every day in order to continue my streak (see #1 of the list). I’ve thought a lot about how to accomplish this goal. On the one hand, I want to share the vacation highlights as I experience them, much like I did on my Florida trip. On the other hand, it’s a vacation. I can spend time in front of the computer at home. So I may just post a photo or an anecdote each day, and borrow Janetha‘s strategy – J recently travelled to Mexico and blogged a few trip recap posts the week after she returned home. I shall go with my vibe. [Sidenote: I am not computer savvy in the least. In prior years, B has handled getting us the internet connection for the trip. I think I know what to do, but if there are any glitches, I am in trouble! So I am mentally preparing myself for the “worst” – no personal Internet access, and I’ll just pop over to the internet cafe every eve to check email. And I keep repeating: I can read blogs, spend time on the computer back at home! Enjoy the sun, heat and ambiance of the vacation!]

~buy one pair of flipflops. I have a well-documented weakness for footwear.

~return home with muscles like this guy:


My body loves heat, humidity, sunshine, warm salt water and whirlpool baths. Thanks to all of these indulgences, I always experience an enhanced state of relaxation in Aruba. If I throw in a yoga class or two, I’ll be a complete wet noodle when I debark next weekend, back in Toronto.

And that’s enough goal setting for one vacation, I do believe! It’ll be fun to see where I am guessing correctly, and where I am completely offbase. I am confident that the primary mission – to have fun and to relax – will be accomplished!



Naked Nails!

Despite my hopeful intentions, I squeezed in a visit to the nail salon yesterday to get my fake nails removed. As much as I wanted to sport the bright nails down south, I couldn’t take them anymore! The long length, the fading colour at the tips, the regrowth…I couldn’t imagine going another week + with them in that less-than-lovely state. So now I can type again – except I can’t! I think I got used to my revised tapping-typing method, and now I’m no better off than with the claws! Plus, it’s too quiet!

Maybe a fun, indulgent treat would be orange polish and sunset nail art while in Aruba!


Update #2!

Hello from the Toronto airport!

Just waiting at my gate – thank you for free Wifi, airport! The Brother provided me with a pass to the Air Canada Lounge…silly me forgot to find out exactly where it is, so I am just hanging at my gate!

I am giving thanks to God, too, for getting us to the airport safely this morning.

This was the scene when we left the Condo Casa at 6:45 a.m. this morning:

not exactly what a traveller desires to see when the airport is an hour's drive away on a good day...

Let me just say: the drive to the airport was the most harrowing and tense of my entire life, kid you not. Thanks be to B’s superior driving skills, the Tundra truck, and to God for keeping us safe!

...and this is a photo of the "good" part of the road...

We saw countless accidents, cars in ditches; a van spun out about 100 m right in front of us.

After checking in, I bought this:

an alcoholic beverage might have been more beneficial to calm my nerves!!

So far, flight is delayed 30 minutes…no surprise with that! Catch you from Aruba!