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Wednesday in Aruba: Peachie to be Beach-ie!

It was a beautiful day in Aruba:

the pier at one end of the resort property

…after a rather unsettled start to the day. It rained!! Annual precipitation in Aruba historically is ridiculously low; however, in the past few years, I do believe it’s been rainier than it used to be.

But, rainy skies lead to sights like this:

this rainbow stretched 180 degrees across the skyline; yet another reminder on this trip that "God keeps his promises!"

I did not win at BINGO.

But I came mighty close: on the first game, either I-16 or I-21 would have won me $97.oo U.S.!!

DAD!!! I totally know why I have not had a BINGO win yet!! Because I have forgotten about thumping our lucky Pier Post! So I rectified that situation this aft:

just like rubbing a buddha's belly or whatever is supposed to bring luck!

By 9:30 a.m. the sky was back to clear, and the sun was shining. I stuck with my pre-determined Plan A for the day, and hit the beach!

Since I only wanted sun, I didn’t bother to search out a chickee. Good thing, because 9:30 a.m. is considered “late,” and I wouldn’t have much chance of finding even a back row chickee, if I had wanted one.

Rather, I just got a lounge chair and plopped it here:

free n clear!

The general etiquette for lounge chairs holds that one of the beach attendants will unlock a chair…

chairs are locked up in stacks at the end of each day

…and set it up for you, then you tip him for his efforts.

As luck would have it, there was ONE UNlocked chair sitting in the open, so I grabbed it! Hey, $1 NOT paid to a chair guy is a game of BINGO for me!

Tan progression photo-of-the-day:

we're getting there!...

I faced my chair to the sidewalk, away from the beach view, so that I could people watch and have the sun on my face! (Cut me some slack, after today I have but THREE full Aruba days left!).

the view from my chair...

...and looking backwards, over my shoulder...

My morning passed like this: I’d read a chapter of my book (down to <20 pages to go!), take a dip in the ocean, go back to my chair and read another chapter…time flew.

I think I saw Paul, Mary and Lisa about six times today!

L to Ri: lisa; (fred - not sure who he was, but couldn't very well say "get out of my picture!"); mary; paul

Lovely people.

OK, so here’s the random philosophical question of the day for you. This was my deep thought process as I was tootling about in the ocean:

Is it OK to pee in the ocean (or a lake) or not?

Growing up, we always pee’d in Lake Huron or in Florida, when at the beach, our whole family. And full confession, I still do. (Aren’t you glad you’re not on vacation with me!!) Now, B, on the other hand, is thoroughly grossed out by the very idea (he doesn’t swim with me, or else I give him fair warning). Be assured: I would never #2 in the water. That’s REALLY disgusting. And I’d never pee in a pool. But the ocean is soooo big…I really don’t see the harm! Thoughts??!

Today was the first day I truly felt relaxed and on vacation.

Then, I completely lost Internet connection from noon – 4:30 p.m. and got very stressed out. I need to hit a RESTART button tomorrow!

So, I guess this is a good time to just say that while I plan to keep blogging every day, if a day passes sans mots, no worries, I likely am disconnected…but not by choice!

Plan for this eve: I might just stay in and relax! Hang in the lobby and people watch? Knit? Watch the sunset? I like the sounds of all those options!

Have a good evening!


A Walkabout Tour

Let’s take a quick visit around the home-away-from-home, then hit the beach, shall we?!

When you drive up, here’s what you see:

circular drive – one way only!!

Enter the lobby…

it's lovely to sit out in the open air lobby - there's even a big screen tv, just to the right of this photo! personally, i like to just sit and people watch in the evening!

there's a mini market conveniently located right off the lobby! NEW: it's now open earlier and later than when we were last here! and it's bigger!

Outside the lobby is the pool area:

do you want sun or shade? there are options for both!

the pool has a deep end (in the middle) and shallow areas at each end

...or would you prefer a soak in the hot tub?!

view from my lounge chair, poolside yesterday, looking out over the beach area

and looking the other direction, back at the resort building

Down the steps to beach level…

the "juggling fish" has some cute stuff; the "azzurro" restaurant is very popular!

the beach! the little sun huts are called "chickees" - people rise as early as 3-4 A.M. (!) to reserve "their" chickee!

New this year:

townhouses - there are 3-4 of these dwellings on-site - perfect for a multi-generational family vacation!

the fitness centre has seen a COMPLETE overhaul: new location, new equipment - way better than it was...

...except that in its new spot, you no longer overlook the beach...

...however that DOES mean the room is cooler without the sun streaming in! two thumbs up, over all, i say

OK! Let’s grab a chickee, shall we?!