Daily Archives: March 13, 2011

Sunday in Aruba: Tick Tock on the Clock

It is a beautiful day in Aruba:

i think i've run out of descriptives for the blue sky/palm tree/resort view!

There is no BINGO on Sunday.

It must have rained heavily overnight, though:

drainage systems are not the most efficient...because there usually is not a need!

I didn’t hear a thing – been sleeping like a (good) baby all week.

I almost thought I was going to have to report that it was an overcast day in Aruba Рthe sun did not really come out til about 9:30 a.m:

sky starting to clear...

Just enough time for some knitting, then one last beach stroll, this morning…

the beach is pretty quiet on sundays as it's the busiest travel day of the week

And now…

The Final Tanning Report!!

B-4…(just a little BINGO joke, haha!)

monday march 7...

And today…

ta da!

Amy, Hannah and I are sharing a taxi back to the airport, leaving about 2 p.m. So I’m back to hanging out in the lobby, passing time with my computer, saying good-byes, and knitting. (I was going to take my knitting on the plane since the trip would give me 5 solid hours of needletime, but have decided not to; even though knitting IS once again allowed during air travel, I don’t want to chance the vagaries of Aruban, American, and Air Canada security. Better safe than sorry!).

little buddy says "don't go home!"

But homeward bound, we must be.

thanks for a great week, playa linda!


Aruba Outtakes

the ever-chipper senora froggie (senor frog is a new restaurant on the strip - a few characters greet you out front!

funny little truck! love the orange colour, though!

breakfast of champions; hey, i had a coupon, buy 3 get 3 free for dunkin' donuts - $4 total! can't beat that!

how do you get a blister right in the middle of your heel?! luckily, not as bothersome as it looks

check out the pretty graphic graphics on this bike! would this even be legal at home?!...

this one deserves another shot - little e and baby c, cover your eyes!

loved these fridge magnets!

can't say i've ever seen a sand skull + crab design before!

the aruba daily newspapers: mis-spellings (plural of bus, anyone?) and creative headlines are pretty much the norm!

a kiki-quirk: whenever i do a beach walk and reach the turn around point, i must have SOMETHING to physically walk around; here, i circle round the seaweed clump!

...as opposed to "slight" tire damage, i guess!