Daily Archives: March 17, 2011

Canary Feet

Two days ago at the store, I saw these shoes…

how could you miss them?!

…on this wall…

women's shoe selection...

…and knew they needed to be on these feet.


I started running back in 1989 when I asked my dad if I could tag along with him. After a few outings, we went to Webco Sports, and I chose a pair of *real* runners: a grey and pink pair of Adidas Peachtree running shoes. I wore them for several years (that’s a cringe-worthy statement, now!) and they, to this day, remain one of my all-time favourite pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned.

Adidas shoes typically have a narrow midfoot upper:

saucony and asics tend to be wider

With my shape of toe box, they fit really well.

a narrow foot inherited from my mom!

 I don’t like some of the other current models that Adidas has out – the highly cushioned heel makes the shoe feel clunky.

see the generously cushioned outer heel??

 But these

i squeal!

the adizero boston 2, are meant to be a lightweight trainer.

They fit like a glove.

they wrap right around my foot!

They make me feel like dancing!

who needs a disco ball for the centre of the dance floor?!

Happy feet!


Welcome to the family…

have we reached "excessive" yet in the active rotation?!

(The Bostons will be the first pair of yellow shoes…see, they are needed!!) 

I should have a green pair of shoes to show, in honour of St Patrick’s Day!


(Hmmm, what does the clock say….maybe I have enough time to run out and snag a pair!)

Are you wearing green today??!

i am!

…and my green eyes are a natural accessory!

eye spy!

The University kids have been whooping it up around town since mid-morning! Oy, yoy, yoy!…