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WordPress Ate the Fashion Parade!


I just spent over an hour getting a lovely blog post all ready with a fun fitness fashion show.

Then, zoop, I inserted one last photo, and the whole thing disappeared, and I know not where.

Sometimes, things are just not meant to be.

So, in the interest of time (we are off to Toronto today to babysit the little nieces! Suddenly a zapped blog post is not so important.) we’ll revise the original plan.

I hereby give you Four Top Fitness Wear Trends for Spring 2011.

[Please note that the Running Room is the source for the following photos. Each item can be found in Running Room stores now. All prices are in Canadian dollars].

1. Dual-Purpose Jackets:

Shifter Jacket

Nike Shifter Jacket, $119.99

Supernova Sequence Convertible Wind Jacket

Supernova Sequence Convertible Wind Jacket, $109.99

Each of these jackets features removable sleeves, so you really are getting a 2-for-the-price-of-1 deal: a jacket + a vest. Yes, the price is more than the Unisex Reflective Jacket, for example, but you can never beat both Nike and Adidas when it comes to quality, innovative design, and durability (you will tire of your garment before it wears out).

2. Fitness Wear as Lifestyle Wear:

More and more, we are seeing crossover between items that serve as exercise clothing and out-and-about/yoga clothing:

3/4 Frolic Capris

Running Room 3/4 Frolic Capris, $64.99

Peek a Boo Tank

Running Room Peek A Boo Tank, $54.99

Again, it’s fabulous when you can get multiple usage out of one clothing item – more bang for your buck. I don’t know about you, but I love to feel comfortable out running errands, lazing around the house, playing with the nieces…there’s nothing like Lycra and stretchy fabric in terms of comfort!

3. Bye-Bye Skorts, Hello Short Shorts:

For the last 3-4 years, skorts have been all the rage:

Morning Glory Skort

Running Room Morning Glory Skort, $59.99

Every major brand produced its own version of this shorts+skirt combo; they flew off the racks faster than we could stock them. This year, I’ve noticed the emergence of the boy or short short:

Nike 2" Road Race Short, $34.99; Nike Swift U-Back Bra, $59.99

Nike 2" Boy Short, $39.99; Nike Knit Ribbed Tank, $34.99 - this combo would be divine for a gym workout, taking you from elliptical to weights "seamlessly!"

adiStar Shorts

Adidas Adistar Shorts, $44.99

Epiphany Stretch Shorts

Brooks Epiphany Shorts, $39.99

If you’re hesitant to give the short shorts a try, just try them on before you make a judgement call. It’s wonderfully “freeing” to work out/run with less fabric swinging around your legs. And a tighter bottom wicks moisture away more efficiently. Show off those gams!

4. The Slogan T:

Pithy expressions on running shirts are huge this season:

Nike Graphic Tee, $34.99

Live Tee

Running Room Live Tee, $34.99

The men’s lines also have a few good ones available – men’s medium would fit most women, and with a tshirt, styling is pretty unisex!

I love this time of year at the store because it’s like Christmas when new boxes of product arrive: what do we have today? Although it IS a bit dangerous: with first access to the goods, I could easily spend all my paycheque and then some on the fantastic styles available!

Do you plan to buy new spring fitness wear?

Have you ever had your computer eat your blog post? This is the first time this *disaster* has happened to me!

Enjoy your day!