Daily Archives: March 20, 2011

March Magic

Being with the nieces makes the heart sing:

the apples of my eye!

Yesterday saw us make a drive into TO so that The Brother and SIL Ana could cash in their March Coupon of the Month.

bye, bye, guys! enjoy your shopping + dinner out!

Little E was in fine form; a tradition is that Aunti brings CD’s from the Waterloo Library. Little E perused the latest selection (one Wiggles CD is a standard inclusion).

sun visor indoors, in march? why not?! all the better to see you with, my dear!

(Little E is wearing my fave dress, of the moment, a gift from Grandma and Grandpa. I wish it came in size Adult!).

Unfortunately, Baby C was suffering with a runny nose and cough:

i have still to see c in less than good-natured mood - she is eternally good-humoured, this one

The next few hours passed delightfully in puruit of favourite pasttimes:


I love when the book choice is one of my favourites!…

two thumbs up for the fancy nancy series of picture books!

Playtime downstairs did not receive photo time; Fischer Price people, wooden food items and a riding hippo were involved, though.

Back upstairs, a visual treat!

elmo entertains while aunti preps dinner!


Baby C conked out at 6 pm – I hope she feels better soon!

Little E and I brought out the drawing materials. A new set that Dada brought from Finland!

our artsy efforts proudly on display!

All too soon The Parents returned, and it was off to bed for Little E:

braid-free and a silly face - who doesn't get a little oingo-boingo right before bed?!

Such a good afternoon and evening…can’t wait til next time!