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Let’s Try This Again






Soooo Tasty!

Last April, I proudly posted a blog entry about giving up Diet Coke.

And I did stop drinking the evil, calcium-leaching, chemical-laden fabuloso, refreshing, best-invention-ever beverage that makes my heart sing and my lips smack in glee.

For about six months.

Then, sometime this past fall, I started drinking again.

And I felt horrible guilt. Yet it tasted so good.

It’s not only the taste of Diet Coke that I adore – it’s the rituals and associations I have surrounding when I drink it that I do so love.

Knitting + Diet Coke (+ blog reading) = a favourite way to spend some quiet time. I even joked to SIL Ana, one day, when I was off the liquid crack bottle that my knitting suffered when I don’t drink Diet Coke because I am not inspired to knit, knowing “my treat” is missing.

A few weeks ago, I realized my guilt – not to mention my un-centring inner heart vibe – was way far outweighing the pleasure factor I was receiving with each gulp of cold, sugary goodness.

I felt like I was disrespecting my body by repeatedly ingesting fake sugar, chemicals, and who knows what else, on a daily basis.

I stopped for a solid week. [You may be saying “a week? so what?” – if you have any sort of addiction, be it smoking, drinking alcohol, eating a certain food, practising a certain behaviour, you know a week is an eternity].

Then I went to Aruba.

feelin' hot, hot, hot!

I’ve always tanned + knit + drunk Diet Coke in Aruba.

And this time was no different. Boy, it hit the spot.

Then I came home.

I brought Diet Coke into the Condo Casa. I knit + drank Diet Coke…and then decided no. more.

On Tuesday, Angela posted this entry on her blog. I well remember last year at this time when her husband, Eric, ditched Coke. In part, he inspired me to quit Diet Coke – there’s strength in numbers.

And I realized, again: I don’t need this stuff.

I came up with a plan:

~If I’m craving carbonation, there is Perrier water.

~If I’m wanting a cold beverage, there is Brita water in my fridge.

~If I’m craving a comforting drink, there is a cuppa coffee at the ready with my name on it. [Yes, you rightly could argue that coffee is addictive; I see it as the lesser of two evils – at least it’s not chemical-laden].

So, I’ve set myself a goal: no Diet Cola until Easter. Yes, it’s a late jump onto the lenten bandwagon, but better a late leap than no leap at all, right?! And then we will re-evaluate and look at the next step.

To be honest, this is one of those blog posts where as I’m typing, I’m thinking, do I really want to hit “post?”

But yes, yes I do.

Because if I put it out here, I can be held accountable.

I’ve come to realize that it’s OK to ask for support when you need it. So I’m asking!

So for the next month, exactly (how’d I time that?!), please feel free to randomly ask “did you have a pop today?” That would help me!

Yesterday was Day #1…one day at a time.




the brita is full and at the ready




my s'bux stash is currently a mile high




Sooooo Tasty!

Any addictions you wish to share?! I don’t judge, trust me!