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New Experience #11: Leave 50 Blog Comments/1 Day

I started reading blogs when I created this blog in January, 2010. At first, I was a lurker only (blog lingo for someone who reads but doesn’t comment). I felt shy about the idea of commenting – it seemed forward, and would the blogger really care to read my input? Over time, I’ve become more *daring,* and now really enjoy participating in these online conversations.

My style: I comment daily on a select number of blogs. I read some other blogs, too, but  will comment only if the topic or discussion particularly resonates with me. I do not agree with leaving a generic comment just for the sake of promoting my own blog, or just so I can say I left a comment – just not something I am comfortable with.

I had the day off yesterday, so I decided to try an experiment: I would leave over fifty comments on fifty different blogs.

Self-Imposed Ground Rule: My comment had to be thoughtful, genuine, personal and specifically respond to the content in the blog post. Things such as “Nice race!”, “Those cookies look yummy!” or “Hope you have a better day tomorrow!” would not be written.

Hypothesis: Leaving this many comments (way more than usual) would increase the hits to my own blog.


1)This New Experience turned out to be labour-intensive and very time consuming! I spent the equivalent of full time job hours on this project! And this was for only fifty comments! [Originally, I set my target at 100 comments – the goal was to at least leave more comments in 24 hours than I ever have before; I realized about noon that 50 comments would be acceptable…and a number that I could handle!].

2) I honestly do not know how people find the time to blog 1, 2, 3 times a day, respond to comments left on their own blog, read and respond to other blogs…and still have a life outside of the blog world!

3) I did not enjoy spending this much time reading blogs. I will revert to reading my “regular blogs,” commenting on my blends‘ (blog lingo for friends who you only know through blogs) posts, and spending time on blogs in a moderate manner.

4) Leaving this many comments did not impact the traffic on my own blog one little bit. This fact genuinely surprises me. A good check to the ego! 🙂

For accountability sake, below, you will find my Blogroll for the day.

[This is the order in which I visited blogs and made my comments. I’ve included time of day checkpoints, and the technical problem I created for myself…(thanks, Holly, for helping me out!)]

How many blogs do you read in a day? Do you comment or just read? I think most people lurk, from what I can tell!

Blogroll for New Experience #11

 5:30 a.m.

1. SIL Ana’s blog **link not provided on purpose

2. Cousin Joel – Soaked in Sunshine and Cheap Wine

3. Bestie Gina’s blog

4. Jess – 21 Days

5. Melissa – Trying to Heal

6. Tammy – Palm Trees and Manatees

7. Janetha – Meals and Moves

8. Kailey – Snackface

9. Sarah – Peas and Thank You

10. Averie – Love Veggies and Yoga

11. Gena – Choosing Raw

8:30 a.m.

12. Holly – The Runny Egg

13. Angela – Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat

11:00 a.m. [I did need to accomplish other tasks in my day!]

14. Gabriela – Une Vie Saine

15. Angela – Oh She Glows

16. Catlin – Healthy Tipping Point

17. Kath – Kath Eats Real Food

18. Melissa – Melissa Nibbles

19. B – Smart Cookie

20. Dorry – Living With Healthy Hunger

21. Monica – Run, Eat, Repeat 

22. Gina – The Fitnessista

23. JL – JL goes Vegan

24. Joyce – Flowing to Fifty

25. Tina – Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Whew! I was ready for a break!

Unfortunately, when I resumed commenting, I discovered that any comment I left on a WordPress-supported blog was not posting. Long story short: the comments went to spam. Thanks to Holly’s suggestions last night, I have now created a NEW Gmail account that I am going to use for blog-related email communications.

Even though my comments may not appear on some of the following blogs, I am counting them as comments because I DID compose and post them! WordPress + Akismet just ate them!

1:15 p.m.

26. Jenna – Eat, Live, Run

27. Cassie – A Very Busy Mind

28. Emily – Daily Garnish

29. Kristina – Life As Kristina

30. Lisa – Thrive Style

31. Morgan – Life After Bagels

32. Amanda – The Artsy Kitchen

33. Jessica – The Process of Healing

34. Zo – Striving Cynic

35. Stephanie – Yarn Harlot

36. Glenna – Knitting to Stay Sane

37. Kristin Armstrong (Lance’s ex) – Mile Markers blog on Runner’s World website

38. Ang – Running Chronicles

39. Mark – Battlefield Running

40. Anne – Run DMZ

[Losing focus and motivation, big time…]

41. Eric – Just a mile to go

42. Bryon – iRunFar

43. Annette – Annette Bednosky’s Blog

44. Kim – Tales of the Trail Goddess

[Not stopping now!…Push to the finish!]

45. Jo Lynn – Single Track Junkie

46. Dragonmamma – Dragonmamma’s Den

47. Laura – Sprint 2 The Table

48. Nicole – Yuppie Yogini

49. Faith – Lovely As Charged

50. Louis – Running Blog


Yes, I could have *done more* last eve but to be honest, I was maxed-out.

Conclusion: New Experience #11 was a unique endeavour, and likely will not be repeated!

Now back to regularly scheduled blog reading and commenting!