Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

March Outings of the Month, Modified

Nothing like leaving things til the last minute!

One of my 2011 Goals is to have an Outing of the Month, every month, with Mom, and with Dad, and to give babysitting time to The Brother and SIL Ana.

You can put a check mark next to the March Outing for The Brother and SIL Ana – here‘s the report of that babysitting adventure festivity!

Due to extenuating circumstances, things did not work out to go to lunch with Dad, or to go shopping with Mom in March. (In February, Dad and I went for coffee at Starbucks. In February, Mom and I shopped at Michaels).

On the bright side, we did enjoy two coffee outings this month! 

Last week, we gathered at Matter of Taste:

the girls!

photographic proof that dad was there, too!

(Actually, B was able to join us, as well, that afternoon!)

This afternoon, mom, dad and I rendez-vous’d at The Huether. (Yes there is a plethora of coffee shops in Uptown Waterloo. Did I start drinking coffee due to atmospheric osmosis?!)

I had yet to try a Huether coffee.

me and my...caw-aw-aw-fee!

The verdict?

Yum!!! I just got decaf…too late in the day for anything strong!

the girls, again!

dad treated - thanks, pops!

All in all, two coffee outings with my favourite parents is better than no get-togethers at all! April’s Outing of the Month goals: lunch out with Dad (remember, we’re moving through the day from breakfast –> coffee bread –>lunch) and a trip to the Kitchener Real Canadian Superstore with Mom (we really want to check out Joe Fresh fashions for spring).

How often do you get to see your parent(s)? I am lucky to have my parents in the condo building next door!


I’m Still Clean!

Last week, I shared about ditching Diet Coke (mini-goal is to get to Easter, pop-free). So far, so good! I’ll submit to any testing, sans hesitation!

Have I craved a Diet Coke? Yes.

Have I given in? No.

How have I overcome a craving? With substitutions: Perrier, coffee, cold water, a snack…I go with what is the “second best option” for that moment in time. Within minutes, then, I can forget that I initially wanted a pop!

Do I miss Diet Coke? I don’t miss the drink itself  – I miss the ritual of drinking a Diet Coke while knitting. That’s the honest truth.

Do I notice difference in mind/body/spirit? Yes. Physically, I feel less bloated. Mentally, I feel less guilt because I know I am injecting less chemicals into my body. But I do miss the ZING!!!! that Diet Coke gives me – that energy rush. Caffeinated coffee just is not giving me the same feeling (??) – so maybe it’s an aspartame-whoosh I feel with Diet Coke!?!

Anyway the few times I have felt like drinking a pop, I’ve resisted, thanks to knowing I’d have to blog it. Feeling accountable is helping!!

Did you give up anything for Lent? How are you doing?