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The 1970KikiProject Quarterly Report

Good Morning!

Today is Saturday, April 9th, and the weather is…springlike?? (it’s kinda early in the morning to tell, for sure…appears to be clear out. Let’s hope it’s a sunny day!)

Three months ago today, it was my birthday!

file photo: january 9th, 2011

That means it’s time to check in with our progress on this year’s 1970KikiProject which kicked off its current incarnation three months ago, today.


Quick recap: I intend to enjoy 41 New Experiences during the time period of January 9th, 2011 to January 8th, 2012.

And where are we today? The tally stands at 12 New Experiences completed.

And we are right on target, kids. Whew! No need to panic!

A couple of comments on the twelve projects completed thus far:

~ Most fun: the fake fingernails

~ Most expensive: trip to Aruba

~ Most time-intensive: the Cake Decorating course

~ Most disappointing: drinking Coconut water!

Just 29 more to go!

I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around in my head for possible Fun New Experiences. In the short term, I have an Easter-themed project in mind, and chances are high that a work-related New Experience will occur, as well.

I haven’t pre-determined how to stay relatively on-track – so far, just randomly going with the flow has worked extremely well (quite unheard of for someone who adores planning!).

While we’re at it, let’s check in on:

The UN-Official 1970 Kiki Project:

Goal: bake 41 different recipes of chocolate chip cookies between January 9th, 2011 and January 8th, 2012.

Status: SEVEN recipes baked….oops! I better hop onto that baking trolley and get crackin’!

Let’s aim for TWO more recipes this month.

Two other shorter term cookie goals:

1) make a fancy version – like something with a unique twist to it in terms of ingredients (although I have learned from experience that anything other than a basic recipe is met with dubious expressions!)

2) make a gluten-free version.


If I made an all-purpose flour variety AND a GF variety, I’d love to do a blind taste-test!

We’ll see if we can make that happen…

Then, there’s the Coupon of the Month Project.

Happily, this project is right on track, too. And April outings are all scheduled with Mom, with Dad, and with babysitting in Toronto. Yippee!

Lastly: I have two goals for the month of April:

1) finish A’s sweater – the back is complete

please excuse the ugly towel backdrop, but I'm blocking the piece...just finished the knitting last night!

I’d say I’m on track.

2) Still clean!

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions and/or April Goals? Are they still on the radar, or have they faded into the sunset?!


I really enjoyed reading the results because I am nosy from those of you who took the Real Age Test! Thanks for sharing! (Click here if you’d like to try the test).

Now here’s my question: EVERYONE who shared their results came out YOUNGER than their biological age. So:

~ are readers of this blog generally a healthier-than-average lot? or…

~ did people who came out OLDER than their actual age just not share their results?!

Hmmmm….enquiring minds want to know.

Have a great day!