Daily Archives: April 11, 2011

Social Sunday

Of all the shifts that I work at the store, the Sunday morning one is my favourite of the week.

I adore my shift because it’s total social time. Every Sunday morning, we offer free practice times for runners and walkers. Over the years, I’ve become friends with regular attendees, and it’s just fun to chat with everyone and anyone who comes out! Typically, about 50-75 people of all ages and abilities gather.

Yesterday, despite the impending thunderstorms and general doom-and-gloom outdoor atmosphere, we had our usual energetic group of walkers and runners in the store.

meet lee and jeannie! hi, lee! 🙂 hi, jeannie??!

Lee and Jeannie love orange – can you tell?! And I love orange! Jeannie used to work part-time at the store, and is very bubbly and outgoing. Lee has a subtle, dry sense of humour that I thoroughly enjoy. Recently, Lee and Jeannie travelled in South America – I need to set up a coffee date to hear some more stories! Lee and Jeannie, it was so great to see you out again!

meet ken!

After retiring from teaching, Ken worked part-time at the store, too. Then he retired from that gig. I miss working with Ken.

Ken has become a true marathon maniac, running several 26.2 mile races per year. On May 2nd, Ken will run the Belfast Marathon, his 3rd ‘thon of 2011 – “just for fun.” That’s because his hard work is done – on March 20, Ken ran in the marathon in Virginia Beach…and qualified for Boston!…by using a run/walk combination approach! I love Ken for his kind manner, and am inspired by his zest for staying fit in retirement.


This afternoon, Mom and Dad K visited!

smile, everyone!

It was lovely to visit in person! Thanks for coming over!

Then this eve, over to my parents I trotted!…

…to play an evening game of Yahtzee!

The winner??? It was not even close…

this was yahtzee #2 of the game! mom and i had no chance...

We consoled ourselves with these beautiful flowers:

if i was celebrity-level rich, i'd have fresh flowers in every room of my home, all the time

My parents hosted Joanne‘s parents for dinner last eve, and the M’s brought this bouquet:

assorted arrangements are so beautiful!


The best of April 10th:

it was warm enough to wear my sugoi capri tights to work for the first time this year!

The worst of April 10th:

ugly leftover snow looks so gross!

Did you enjoy a Social Sunday? Sometimes, it’s also refreshing to experience a Solo Sunday!