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How to Blog Every Day…And Stay Sane

Progress is coming along nicely on my 2011 Goals!

~ Travel: yup – thanks, Aruba

~ Outings of the Month: on track

~ Eclectic Dishes Collection: yes! proof positive: Meg, Lief and Robin; pottery mug + plate

~ Blogging Every Day: 82/82 !!

I started this blog in January 2010. Last year, I blogged whenever, but mostly just tracked the 1970 Kiki Projects.

For 2011, I wanted to see what it would be like to *have* to blog every day. I’d embark on a streak, so to say! Don’t say I never warned you about my addictive personality!

Here, then, are some random lessons gleaned from daily blogging

~ PLAN: We know I love to plan. I love to plan my plans. I plan my planning time. It’s no different when it comes to blogging. Due to work, family commitments, social outings, home responsibilities, I can’t blog at the same time every day. Once in a while, there is no time for blogging (thank you, WordPress Scheduler!).

my daily agenda with work, appts, to dos...still a paper and pen kinda gal...

...and then theres the BLOGGING agenda (seriously)! i block out blogging time and (possible) topics

~ determine your preferred schedule: As an early-bird, I am most creative in the morning, although before bed works, too, for some reason. Blogging should be a fun hobby. Write when you have the time, feel creative, and will enjoy the process.

go with your natural voice: I do best when I write as if I was chatting. Whenever I try to get more formal, I get stuck [even making this list is not flowing easily, right now…]. Some of my favourite posts are just the random this-‘n’-that entries. Do you know how many times I have started an essay on “Jersey Shore and Body Image?!” – it’s just so not happening! [The ideas are in my head and won’t come out in my typing!]. (Although, maybe you just can’t get *philosophical* when Jersey Shore is your theme?!) Over time, your “comfortable voice” will emerge most often.

~ choose a theme or a project: Any post relating to a 1970 Kiki Project practically writes itself!

~ vary your topics: It’d be a pretty boring blog if allll I did was talk about knitting, or the store, or the nieces [well, I wouldn’t be bored at all by that last one!]

~ keep your eyes open:  I’ve learned to carry my camera and a pen with me at all times. A photo or an incident, a chance encounter, or a “deep thought” can trigger an idea for the blog. I may use the idea asap, or tuck it away for another day.

~ go with your vibe: The easiest writing just flows out the fingers. Trying to force a certain entry is tortuous [like this one]! I know it’s the right post for today when I hit publish and sigh a pleasant breath of contentment.

~ remember who you’re blogging for: What works for me: when I blog for myself [sounds selfish, but it’s true]. I pretend: if no one read my blog at all, what would I say? I love entries that make me laugh, warm my heart, leave me with a sense of creative satisfaction.

[Honestly, I’m not thrilled with this post, isn’t that ironic? When brainstorming ideas, I liked the turns of phrases that came to mind; right now, I’m challenged!]

What’s your ideal blogging schedule? I genuinely enjoy once-a-day blogging.

Some bloggers blog weekdays, others write six days a week…while some publish entries two or three times a day, every day!

Any blogging tips that work for you? Gina has had good luck setting a timer and writing only until she hears the “bing!”

Have a great day! I’m off to see the little ones! [I’m not planning to blog about it, this time!]