Three Things – I Mean, FIVE Things – Thursday


Ideally, today’s post would be entitled “Five Things Friday” because yes, I have five items on today’s agenda, and I’m a fan of alliteration. Unfortunately, it’s not Friday – but we’re almost there! Thursday is my Sunday because the start of my work week is Friday. Gets a little confusing!

Ok! Let’s get started!


I apologize for the intense glare coming off the glass, there. I was practically standing on my head trying to get an angle where the reflection wouldn’t be so strong, but no luck, esp with my (not fancy) point ‘n’ shoot camera.

This gown is in the window of a local bridal shop, of all places.

Is it not to die for? I just love the pleating, the way it flows down to the ground, and that sequined mid-section is out-of-this-world. I’m tempted to go in and ask how much it is, just for interest sake. I have nowhere to wear it (unless, Cousin Kate, you are getting married next year at Buckingham Palace). Nor to I have the bosom to carry off that design. But I intend to walk by daily, as long as it’s in the display window, just so I can drool over “my dress.”

2. Oh, So Smooth

I am a big fan of pithy dialogue, biting humour, and subtle yet stinging use of the English language. This ad in the August issue of Runner’s World is pure advertising brilliance:

advertising for the saucony hattori minimalist shoe

Just so you don’t have to squint, the ad copy reads:

A revolutionary new approach to minimalist training, the Hattori provides a sock-like fit with ample protection at a mere 4.4 ounces. For those who like running barefoot more than once.

It’s that last line, For those who like running barefoot more than once that is the real kicker. See, the *problem* with the minimalist shoe rage for running, particularly the use of Vibrams, (I discuss my pair here)  is that most people do way too much way too soon, and wind up hobbling or even injured the day after they go running in these lightweight shoes.Who knows if the Hattori is, in reality, that much different from the Nike Frees, the New Balance Minimus, or the Vibrams…all minimalist shoes require a sensible approach for running use. but, to my mind, this is an example brilliant ad writing and deserves an award.

3. Bonehead Coffee Move

You know that this is my favourite coffee:

starbucks VIA instant coffee in individual packets

If I buy the pack of 12 sachets at Starbucks, I pay $11.95. If I can find the packs of 8 at Valumart, on sale, it works out to $0.50 per packet.

Recently, I saw this on display at the grocery store:

decaf! individual packs! perfect!

At $1.99 for SIX packets, it’s a definite bargoon. But why, oh why, did I think that packaging this Taster’s Choice coffee this way would make it taste any better than when it’s in the cannister like this:

to quote myself, i previously referred to this coffee as "swill" on this very blog

Guess what? The individual pacs of coffee mix up into TOTAL CRAP! Duh! I let the cheap price sway my decision. Now I have five more mini-packs to use up before I can invest in some decent brew. File this one under “live and learn.”

4. I’m not happy with my haircut

It looked good the first day:

file photo, july 8th

The problem is that I got more bangs cut in AND I got my hair cut so much shorter all the way around. I should have done one or the other. The biggest peeve is the bangs. I wanted a front fringe, and instead I have heavy-duty bang-age. I’ve decided to grow out the bangs starting now. In the meantime, I’m using my headbands and fun barettes to create a false fringe:

i love this pin! it's an iron. mom got it for me cuz i don't even own an iron. that made us laugh!

If we’re lucky, by this time next year, I’ll have one length of hair all over my head!

5. Minding My Grocery Ps and Qs

The grocery bill for June was outta contral.

In July, so far, I’ve put the hammer down tried to be prudent (but I haven’t been stupid and not bought Puffins, or something like that).

I did a tally for grocery costs up to and including Saturday July 16th (I generously included the date that is just over the half-way mark for the month).


As of the 16th/the half-way mark, I had spent a mere 21% of what I spent in all of June. Whew. Now, I am digging into all my stockpiles, but unless some crazy sales pop up that will *force* me to re-stockpile my stashes, things are looking up!

What’s your favourite day of your WORK week? I genuinely like every day that I work, but I’ll have to say that Saturdays or Sundays are the very best.

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  • Lisa  On July 21, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    Gosh…so many things!

    I love the dress. Glare and all.

    I want the Hattoris…partly because they look/sound nice and partly because I, too, am a sucker for advertising.

    I do the exact same thing with coffee! I compromised to save $3…blech.

    Hair mishaps are frustrating. I haven’t had one in a while, but have had a couple doozies—the iron is hilarious, most especially because you don’t own one (but even if you did).

    Good job on the groceries (so far!). I have been doing better too—it does take some effort (minimal) and attention for me. I don’t think I’ve done as well as you, but better than June!

    Loving this weather. I’m sitting here with sweat dripping down my face, and I love every second! My fave work day is Tuesday. Monday is hard and busy and so is Thursday…so Tues I feel relief from mon being over and not quite yet amped up for thurs!

  • Johanna B  On July 21, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I saw that “shoe” ad. It fits like a sock and offers support. How does it do that? My socks aren’t very supportive and I can’t imagine walking down the streets in my neighborhood without nice thick soles to protect my feet from all the crud along the walkways – broken glass, etc. No barefoot shoes for me.

    I, too, love the dress but would never ever have anywhere appropriate to wear it. Oh well, we can look…

    Favorite day of work – Wednesday. Mid-week.

  • Zo  On July 21, 2011 at 9:48 am

    My having tried other packet coffee is what makes me reluctant to try the starbuck’s one. Only out of coffee desperation!

    I would love to see the dress on someone instead of the mannequin.

  • Holly  On July 21, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Cathy I love the dress — I too have no event for such a thing and I don’t do well with strapless dresses either — I have nothing to hold them up!

    You are doing your hair the way I do it — with my bangs tucked back. I want them to grow!

    Favorite say of the workweek — probably Tuesdays because I seem to be the busiest. When I’m busy the time flies by!

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