musical extremes

can you believe we can count on one hand the number of weekends left in the summer? (because summer ends at labour day, i don’t care what the lunar calendar tells us).

to make the most of the glorious summer weather, i headed over to waterloo park on sunday evening for my third band concert of the summer! who am i?! this is turning out to be the summer of outdoor music!

even more funny is that i attended the concert on my own: mom and dad, my usual cohorts, were at the church golf tournament, so i ventured out solo. i didn’t feel all that weird as there were quite a few other singletons lollygagging on the park lawn, taking in the music and calm summer eve.

this week’s featured group:

"the galt kiltie band"

on the way over to the park, i was quite excited – i thought that a kiltie band was going to be an ensemble of marching bagpipers wearing kilts. like this:


i was wrong! how very disappointing! so, now, i have no idea what defines a kiltie band. this group was no different in sound or style from the other bands of previous weeks.

no marching, no bagpipes, no kilts 😦

the group played very well – for the number of members, they produced a big sound. (also, the acoustics in this old bandshell are surprisingly amazing and impressive).

don't you just love the conductor's bow tie? he was very energetic, too (if a little eccentric!)

my favourite selections this week were the swing tunes. i felt transported back to another era! i wanted to get up and learn the lindy hop!

now, let’s talk about more hip music, shall we? yesterday, i finally purchased some new itunes. can you believe i haven’t switched up the songs on my ipod since march?! i’m just not tired of the awesome mix i have! however, listening to z103.5 this summer, i’ve heard several songs from the charts that i wanted to add to my itunes database (i have about 620 songs, now).

here’s the playlist that i downloaded:

  • i gotta feeling – the black eyed peas
  • party rock anthem – lmfao
  • sexy and i know it – lmfao
  • sweat – snoop dogg vs david guetta remix
  • i wanna go – britney spears
  • up n down – britney spears
  • fire – raghav
  • where them girls at – david guetta
  • brand new chick – anjulie
  • the edge of glory – lady gaga
  • rolling in the deep – (a dance mix version of adele’s hit!)
  • give me everything – pitbull
  • on the floor – jennifer lopez
  • jet lag – simple plan
  • country girl (shake it for me) – luke bryan (*random find!)
  • little bad girl – david guetta

[sidenote: i wish i could insert a groovy chart and link you directly to each song. sadly, i have no clue how i would do that – so, you’ll have to google or search itunes to hear these picks!].

music: do you purchase songs online? buy cd’s? i love itunes – what a great invention. the problem with buying cd’s (in the olden days) was that i’d love 2-3 songs, and then be stuck with others i wasn’t so keen on. now, i just get what i am 100% jazzed about. i don’t mind paying…the convenience and legitimacy of the whole itunes system is much appreciated!

one song that’s your summer of 2011 theme song? i can’t get enough of party rock anthem by lmfao





treat: reese puffs cereal!

price: $4.49 for the box (i did not eat the whole box at once!)

rating: **1/2 (two and a half stars)

tasting notes: you’ll hear more about this cereal later this week. i made a delicious combination of gf corn flakes, corn bran squares and these puffs. this cereal is very sweet (goes without saying!) with great crunch. i liked them better this time than the last box i tried!

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  • Zo  On August 10, 2011 at 10:06 am

    I’m not a big music person (I like music as background when I’m doing other things) but do have some CDs and an iPod. I only use the ipod for when I exercise, so it’s mostly loaded with fast songs, largely bought from iTunes.

    • 1970kikiproject  On August 10, 2011 at 10:31 am

      i agree on fast songs – i can’t even think of one ballad or slow song that i have ever liked! i like music in the background when i clean.

  • Holly  On August 10, 2011 at 9:28 am

    I love Reese’s Puff cereal — ok I love almost any type of sugary cereal!

    Too bad about the band — I would have expected to see kilts too.

    As far as music goes — I’m really just a radio listener, or I’ll use Pandora on my phone — that works out great for when I’m running. I usually choose Lady Gaga radio and that has a good mix of songs that keep me going. I actually had all of my CD’s stolen out of my car about 6-7 years ago (they were in my trunk and my car was in my sister’s driveway!) and ever since then I just don’t buy any!

    And in reference to your comment on my blog — I love Bethenny’s show — I think she is hilarious!

    • 1970kikiproject  On August 10, 2011 at 9:50 am

      what rotten luck on the stolen cd’s, holly! i don’t know too much about pandora…that’s cool that you can listen thru your phone! i can’t wait to watch more bethenny!!!

  • Anonymous  On August 10, 2011 at 7:23 am

    I’m loving the Party Rock anthem too! In fact, not five minutes ago I was thinking “what is the name of that song again? – must download before heading north!”. And there you were with it!!! I’ll be checking out your other songs as well – always looking for something new to groove to. 🙂

    I’m with you in my confusion about the name of the band vs what they actually were found to be. When you’re expecting bagpipes, other things just don’t match up although I do love me some swing!

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