feeling like goldilocks

the condo casa’s getting a new couch!

this week, on the way down to visit cutie c and adorable e [sorry, couldn’t help but throw in the new blognames!], we stopped at ikea aka canada’s the swedish wonderland to do some research.

[before we get involved in the furniture discussion, i’ll insert that we had a great time babysitting the girls for a couple of hours – it was a quasi outing of the month occasion. i have no photos. aunti was quite occupied with playing grocery checkout and “party planning” with the little munchkins].

i love ikea. i could seriously outfit 100% of my home with ikea stuff. i’m smitten with how they set up fake little home scenarios to woo you:

a pretend apartment!

upon further examination, this is a kids' room, i do believe - but i love the colours! i'd take it!

after a little drooling admiring the layouts and furniture/design options on display, the focus returned to the purpose of the trip –  couches:

couch after couch after couch after couch...my sidekick, b, takes on one for a test drive...

i had done my research online, and knew which models were on my shortlist:




as i was gazing at this model…

the klippan loveseat

…an extremely tall and very jolly man with a european accent (swedish, perhaps?!) exclaimed, “you don’t lihke the gveen strah-pes, do you???!! eez very bright!” hahaha, well, actually i love it, hahaha!!, was my response. it’s just funny when total strangers initiate conversations. [and i do genuinely like that couch cover – but it’s not on the list of options. i have a feeling it’d grow tiresome pretty quickly].

anyway, after much up-down, up-down, ring-around-the-couches, we had determined that:

  • the klobo was way too hard
  • the klippan was a bit too shallow
  • the kivic was very nice and soft!
  • the karlstad was on the firm side, but was the best of the bunch

then, we happened upon this display!

the fake scenario: a den/tv room

an option that was outside the box, that was unresearched, but that was perfect and divine!


enter, the beddinge sofa bed!

boring details

various colour options for the couch cover

since this trip was a fact-finding mission only, no purchase was completed. but after a few days of contemplation, i’m 99.9% sure that the beddinge sofa bed is the way to go. i love how it just invites you to flake out, given the depth of the seat. it’s exactly the right combo of firmness and cushiness. like a futon, it can be flipped open to serve as a bed (aunti’s thinking ahead to future sleepover opportunities!…).and the flipping-open part is super ez to do – i tried it! i can do it!!

now, the next decision is what colour to choose. i’ve got thoughts on that percolating, and need a few more days of weighing the pros and cons of neutral vs bright! (but no green stripes!).

so, this coming week will be the money spending return trip to ikea.

part two of the great couch hunt – coming soon!

are you an ikea fan? people tend to be pretty much divided in their opinion – either they love the cheap sleek look of this décor style, or they’re not fans of the cookie-cutter design and warehouse shopping style at all.

[with today’s title, did i trick you into thinking i made good on one of my “things i will do in my lifetime!”]


some day, this look – hair, not face – shall be mine!!




treat: brownie and blondie bites at angela‘s birthday party at thrive juice bar (party recap tomorrow!)

price: party treats!

rating: *** 1/2 (three and a half stars)

tasting notes: wow! both of these desserts are vegan, raw, and gluten-free. both of these desserts were phenomenally delicious. as a chocolate fan, i expected to love the brownie more – well, guess what? the blondie gets the top honour, in a very close race. seriously, both were out-of-this-world incredible!

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  • Zo  On August 14, 2011 at 8:55 am

    This is too funny. Mr. sc and I stopped into a furniture store (Raymour and Flanigan) yesterday and looked at couches and other furniture (also just looking/getting ideas). The furniture seemed all very “traditional” and I mentioned Ikea as a place where there might be more modern things!

    • 1970kikiproject  On August 14, 2011 at 10:35 am

      I’ve actually heard of that furniture store you went to! They had ads on one of the US stations we can get up here!
      Yes! Check out the options at ikea!

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