Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

a THRIVE-ing party scene!

saturday, i enjoyed a deliciously fun day: some highlights included…

~sunny skies

and it got sunnier as the day progressed!

~playtime worktime at the store

~a return trip to delirium to visit my skirt (more to come on that!)

and then, the icing on the cake was an evening party celebration at thrive juice bar!

thrive: a little gem tucked inside the bauer lofts courtyard

today is angela‘s birthday!

happy 23rd, ange!

and to mark this special occasion, she invited local bloggers + friends to a private, evening soirée at thrive. i had not been back since my last visit in april! to say i was excited to return is an understatement!

it was but a quick walk over to thrive and to the party.

it was wonderful to chat with angela, in person, again - we usually communicate via blogs!

the first party guests that i had the pleasure of meeting were angela of oh she glows, and her husband, eric:

with eric, angela and angela

bloggers, united!

i’ve been reading (oh she glows) angela’s blog since march 2010, so i felt like a stalker i already knew her! angela and eric are both so warm, genuine, and easy to chat with.

no shortage of topics to chat about! angela is a great conversationalist!

a few other party guests:

sara and matt!

angela and her housemate, robyn!

although i missed photographing everyone, all of angela’s friends were so inclusive and friendly – prior to the party, i only knew (birthday) angela, so it was really fun to meet new people, and find out how everyone was connected to angela!

now, on to the food!

jonnie (of thrive) and angela had pre-planned our evening menu – in a (cashew)nutshell, it was all amazing. take a look:


pizza! artichoke hearts were on top

angela and angela in action!

jonnie and his staff, sarah and stephanie, were wonderful. they explained each dish to us, and were warm and friendly.

our hosts for the evening

stephanie described each app or dessert, as it was served. amazing memory!

to cap off our evening – sweets!

brownies and blondies - raw! vegan! gluten free!

birthday cake!

a chocolate shot with which to toast the birthday celebrant!

angela, as we serenaded her with "happy birthday"

this was a wonderful, fun, energizing evening. thank you so much, angela, for including me. i’d be hardpressed to say which was the most enjoyable aspect: the chic venue and warm ambiance provided by thrive, the welcoming group of friends and great conversations, or the the raw! vegan! amazing! apps and desserts served up by our talented hosts.

what a fantastic mid-summer night’s eve!

(birthday) angela has a knack for capturing gorgeous photos on her iphone! the clarity and colour are amazing! see?…

and (oh she glows) angela also has honed her camera skills . she kindly passed along some of her pictures from saturday eve. enjoy a *bonus track* montage!




treat: homemade peanut butter cookie from mom!

price: mom doesn’t charge!

rating: ** 1/2 (two and a half stars)

tasting notes: mmm…chewy. peanut-buttery. melt-in-the-mouth-y. plus, it came from ♥ mom! ♥ treats baked with ♥ love ♥ are extra-special!