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happily, i am feeling much better this morning. i’m not 100%, though, because the thought of having vegetables or coffee is….unpleasant, to be polite. but it is amazing what rest, gingerale and mom’s tlc (the benefit of having a mom who lives next door!) can do.

so let’s look at what i originally wanted to chitchat about yesterday!…


it was meant to be.

on tuesday, i went back to delirium and my kitties were waiting for me:

my three little kittens...

while paying for my 5407th new(est) tshirt, i was chatting with the store owners, lydia and annissa. both of them are super-friendly and welcoming. in my previous two visits, lydia was very friendly (but not overbearing) and helpful. i was so surprised when they mentioned that delirium has existed for almost ten years – time flies! the delirium vibe is slightly off-beat, unique, quirky…you won’t meet yourself on the sidewalk ten times over. venture in, locals! [lydia is camera-shy or else i’d have a photo of her with the kittie-cats!]

the cats made their first public appearance when they met bailey that eve:

ok, they were a little shy...

[funny sidenote story: debbie (bailey’s *mom,* and i have been bff’s for over 12 years now – and we were friends in grades 7 & 8, too). when we got together this week, we discovered that both of us have this quirk about buying books that have been made into movies. we refuse to buy the book if it has the film depicted on the cover – we want the original edition! for example: eat pray love – > NO julia roberts version!! i think it’s great that after all this time, we can still discover new things about each other!]


all this recent talk about shopping reminded me of one of my favourite photos from my (newly reconstructed) baby album:

13 months old

as the story goes, mom was at zellers, with me in the shopping cart, there, as you can see. there was a photographer in-store that day – likely one of those deals where they offer to take a photo, then try to sell you a package deal. well, both mom and the photographer tried every move under the sun to get me to smile. i was having none of that! so, finally, the photographer just snapped my photo and that was the end of that!


american wife report:

i’m up past page 375, now. george bush charlie is being a real jerk. laura alice’s actions completely shocked me! reading is a good recover-from-the-flu past-time…i got through a good lot of pages, yesterday!


now, i want an iphone.

hi nicole! 🙂

also on tuesday, i met nicole, my friend-thru-sil ana, at starbucks for coffee + visiting. we enjoyed fabulous conversation. nicole has an iphone and i am in awe over its capabilities. i do like and appreciate my blackberry, but this iphone just seems very up my alley in terms of how my mind works and how visual it is. nicole also told me more about pinterest. i first heard about this super-cool online creative outlet on angela‘s blog (here’s her post with tons of details), and now thanks to nicole’s added details, i am super-intrigued. i am going to check this out…but am wary of it’s time-sucking power!



thanks to being sick, there were no treats on wednesday, so i’m outta my own contest. sweet sixteen is where we end the challenge.

these folks understand:


that’s not to say there’ll be no more treats this month – dad and i still have our outing of the month to look forward to, and i’ve got some fun coupons that we could use!…

pinterest? iphones? cats vs dogs? starbucks coffee? favourite treats from this month? share away!