Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

return trips, part one

one measly week.

that’s how long i held out before i was sucked back over to walmart.

and it’s all the fault of jersey shore. this past week i have been practically obsessing over the gtl tshirt:

file photo from sunday august 14th, outing with mom

this week, when the thursday flyers came out, i couldn’t wait to page through the one for walmart! here’s my shopping list method:

it's easier to just cut out the photo of what i want - then i know the item, the price, and have a visual!

yes, it’s not pretty, yes, it is cumbersome, but it works for me. [sidenote: vegetables and coffee are still soooo ick-sounding that i did not take advantage of the last few items on that patchwork list].

so, once again, it was a rainy sunday, but this time i arrived late afternoon. the parking lot was not at all full! i had thought sunday late aft might be a little zany. but either the rain kept shoppers away, or i am wondering if this walmart, being so new, has not yet become a destination station for hordes of people.

lessons learned from last week:

grab a cart!!

i have only one crossword left to do in my current book, so i hit up the magazine area, first. why not take advantage of this…

10% is 10%!

…to get this!

see the easy crosswords book in the bottom right corner? mine!

[i sincerely hope these are easy. my last book lied to me as the puzzles were challenging, not mindless mildly mentally stimulating].

i hope this book carries me through to christmas. because, nicole, i am following your idea you gave me and asking for the people magazine crossword puzzle boxset!

and then.

women’s apparel…


got my shirt!!! oh, happy day!

next, i moved on to the grocery area, and spent more time going up and down the aisles, this week.

while i skirted around the veggies, avacados are not currently offensive, and also not a standard veg:

price compare: this week, avacados are 2/$5 at valumart

i found a new cereal!!!

$3 for a bag of honey graham bites!

[unfortunately, i’ve already tried the cereal and it tastes like what you’d expect a $3 bag of cereal from walmart to taste like…i’ll bury these tiny squares in with some other types, and all will be fine].

just another example of the mega-savings possible – almond milk. the walmart price:

$2.79 at bulk barn - the next cheapest place i have found

unfortunately, they were out of stock. but since i’ll likely be back later today very soon, at least i know it’s available, here.

as i headed to the checkout, i had to chuckle. look at my cart:

not exactly crammed full!

now this week, i could have gotten away with just my arms or a basket.

have to say, the sheer size of this walmart still rather awes me. i can just imagine what newly-arrived immigrants think of the whole walmart concept. if it boggles my mind, to some extent, it must be beyond comprehension for someone who has never before experienced shopping at a mega-store like this.

what good bargains did you find during the past week? back-t0-school sales are everywhere! good time to stock up on paper products!


gtl didn’t wait long to get outta the house:

at coffee culture with vfbf joanne, yesterday. no coffee!

then it was on to yoga class. jersey shore tshirt doing yoga. yup.


eta: on sunday eve, a tornado ripped through my beloved town of goderich.

here is the link to the reporting from the k-w record: goderich tornado

i was so very sad to hear this news. wishing all those impacted strength and courage.