shuffling up to future shop

….or, dragging my heels up would be the more appropriate term.

future shop epitomizes all that is wrong with the big box shopping experience: overwhelming selection, poor customer service, a cacophony of noise blasting in your face as soon as you enter, upselling and/or extended warranties pushed on you by the *youthful* sales associates…plus electronics is not my bag. i do not enjoy setting foot in future shop. (my apologies to my cousin joel, who worked at future shop, once upon a time!).

however, my beloved little green ipod shuffle is showing signs of being on its last legs.

the green headphones were my own add-on. i like green!

greenie owes me nothing. i’ve used and abused this device for years. in fact, i had a more recent ipod shuffle version which was a piece of carp (remember the one that looked like a stick of gum, and had the controls on the headphones?), and this little gem has outlasted it by eons.

greenie has just been so moody lately. sometimes he works perfectly, then other times he just suddenly stops abruptly, mid-song, and refuses to play again for a few minutes. cradling him in my palm has proven to be the fastest fix. what a baby.

filling my mind with blissful thoughts like “serenity now!!!” “peace, calm, happiness!” over to future shop went i.

haha, don't those clouds make it look like future shop marks the gates to heaven??!

i exited the rav at 11:31 a.m.

over to electronics…

i keep putting off getting anything more sophisticated than a shuffle

i peered down and did a double take:

is that MY green ipod???

the formal ipod shuffle display

just as i was lining up that shot, sales child associate “wes” stopped his dusting and asked if he could be of assistance. wow, i didn’t have to go search for someone!! that’s a first (seriously). the thought flashed through my mind that he was going to scold me for taking a photo. thank goodness he said nothing!

wes set me straight on the ipod shuffle story: they discontinued the “stick of gum” ipod because it was so universally detested. in stores, now, is the next generation of shuffle: the design is a return to the model i love and adore, it’s just a bit smaller.

i almost chose another green one, but decided against that colour choice because greenie would throw a hissy so that i can tell the ipods apart (who wants to waste time figuring out which is which?).

wes efficiently processed my sale (he DID, of course, offer the extended warranty, but as that’s a step in their POS, i’ll forgive him, and he wasn’t pushy about it) and i give him top marks for helpfulness and friendliness. i chickened out of asking him for a photo for the blog. (yet, i’ll stop a stranger in walmart??!).

time upon rav re-entry: 11:39 a.m. not bad.

so, a dreaded retail experience turned out to be really quite dull! isn’t that nice.

silvah cost me $59.99:

don't worry, dad, i paid cash. i did not just post my credit card information. 🙂

did you notice that hst applies?! i did!

silvah and i hightailed it back home.

i love shuffles

i introduced the kids to each other:

don't get too close, now, said greenie

here is my plan: now that greenie knows his days are numbered, i bet he’s going to start acting a lot more responsibly. in anticipation of such, i am going to leave silvah in his packaging for a few days…

he can decorate the corner of the dining area table...

…but still keep him in plain view so that greenie knows he’s there. plus, then, i can procrastinate on initializing/syncing/whatever you call it silvah. hate that job.

tomorrow: more shopping to tell you about!

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  • Johanna B  On August 25, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    I miss my ipod. It got stolen when my house was robbed and ransacked last summer. I still haven’t replaced it. I don’t miss the hardware but I do miss all the music my daughter loaded onto it for me. Collin Raye, Peter, Paul & Mary, Dave Carroll, Adam Dachman, Joe Dassin and many many others.

  • Holly  On August 25, 2011 at 9:21 am

    Cathy you are hilarious — and I hope Greenie gets his act together and starts working better 🙂

    I’m not a big fan of the big box stores like that — mostly because I get overwhelmed looking at all of the products they offer! If I bring Jason along I seem to do ok because he knows what questions to ask, etc.

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