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parting is such sweet sorrow, september

ah yes, the last day of the month. so you know what that means – time to review the goals that were set wayyy back 30 days ago (actually, it feels like about three days ago – september flew by!)

at the end of august, i wasn’t feeling all that inspired for the coming month.

let’s start with the goal that never got off the ground: readingthe girl with the dragon tattoo.” i got sidetracked by snooki! i’ve got less than fifty pages to go of “a shore thing“…and i’ll be sad when i finish (shh, don’t spread that around). the book is just like a written version of a jersey shore episode – in other words, complete fluff and sexcapades and outrageousness. however, there are a couple of actual plotlines, and they are more involved than i would have predicted. i’ve read far worse novels, for sure. “a shore thing” would be a perfect beach read. i would heartily – although not quite enthusiastically – endorse it for your next vacation. and i vow to you that i will begin dragon tattoo girl as soon as i take snooki back to the library.

yoga: i finished up my groupon at fearless heart, sob, sob. now i am taking a serious look at the local bikram schedule – i can take two weeks of unlimited sessions for $30. if i go ahead with the 14-day pass, i want to make sure i can get there frequently. so, i’ll examine my october agenda pages and see if bikram yoga is meant to happen in the month ahead.

remember i wanted to spend time on my yoga mat(s) at home? well, that happened twice. the second time, i practised for about 45 minutes – major accomplishment! i think the key for me is to not force at home yoga – wait ’til the time feels right, then pounce into downward dog!

coffee: i questioned whether i’d return to gleeful anticipation of drinking coffee. short answer: nope! however, i have had a few mugs. i keep a jar of mud flakes instant at the store, and i’ve brewed micro’d a cup here and there on a few shifts. that’s more because i want to drink something other than water, and i’m low on tasks to do and customers to assist. i’ve got a niggling feeling that the coffee luv may be lost!

one of my favourite days in september was my outing of the month with mom when we went to the knitter’s fair. dad and i (and special guest, mom!) squeezed in an afternoon break. and babysitting little e and cutie c never made it on to the blog, but on at least two occasions, the brother and sil ana were able to slip out for a wednesday early-eve “date,” and it was aunti in charge for a couple hours. i so adore that precious time with my girls!

the zen goal: the mindful intention was to live like yogis who strive to leave a place or a person better than when they found them. this resolution was a success, i would say. of course, it’s harder to measure a goal like this – there’s nothing quantifiable like there is with attending yoga x times or reading y book. but, whether it was cleaning up at the store, meeting up with a friend, or being a gracious human being, i’d say this attitude was in my mind quite often.

now: i just took a peak at my new experiences page and i have completed 28 new experiences. that means thirteen new experiences are waiting to be experienced! searching out new experiences is going to be my focus for the next bit! fun times ahead!

what was one memorable september day for you? for me, the panel discussion on “the future of science” was a neat evening out!

not all 50 q’s

one of the reasons i like to read gina, (the fitnessista)’s blog, is that she often will include *a-ha life quotes*, as i like to call them. you know – motivational thoughts that make me stop and ponder, even for just five seconds, and help me remember what’s important to me, and about life. [also, gina is pregnant and due on my birthday!]


here’s a thoughtful quote from just earlier this week: “develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” ~ brian tracy

quite a while ago – july, in fact! – gina put up a post about 50 questions she had come across.

click here for gina’s blog entry.

and here is the direct link to the site where she found the 50 questions: 50 questions that will free your mind.


at first, i thought i would answer all 50 of these questions – not all in one shot! i thought it might be fun to do 10 questions per day for five days. but upon further reflection, and as you’ll see if you review the questions, some are unanswerable. as the tag line on the 50 questions website states, “…sometimes asking the right questions is the answer.” so i’ve picked out 45, instead.


five seems like a nice round number.

1. how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? i’m going to knock 10 years off my *real age,* and that makes me 31. my rationalization: 1) i can still pluck out any random grey hairs that show up on my head ie. they are few and far between 2) physically, i feel spry and in shape, and i have lots of energy 3) sometimes, i feel naive about “life” – how to handle certain issues or unexpected events that occur.

13. would you break the law to save a loved one? without question.

19. if you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why? easy! florida! maybe i’m being unadventuresome with this answer but i. love. florida (i even have flipflops, purchased in florida in 1989, that say that on the straps!). for choice of cities, i would go with sarasota. tampa is too big (and confusing – never been so turned around in my life as when i was trying to navigate its thoroughfares). i love hot weather, love the beach, love shopping, and sarasota also offers culture and whole foods! i am ruling out aruba as it’s a fab place to vacation but there’s just not enough to do on the island for the long term. moab, utah is also high on my list…i think i need to re-visit both moab and sarasota and make my choice!…

30. what is your happiest childhood memory and what makes it so special? i have tons of happy memories from my childhood. but here’s the one that popped into my head when i saw this question: our family was not rolling in money when the brother and i were little – my mom stayed at home and my dad worked for a local insurance company. we were very comfortable but my parents had to watch the budget a bit. a real treat was when we would go to mcdonalds for lunch after church on sunday. we did not go every week. and we never knew if we were going to go until the drive home at noon – if dad took a certain road, we knew it was a mcdonalds day! the brother and i would clap and practically dance in the back seat of the car. i think this memory is so special because it was family time all together, i loved the fillet o’ fish/fries food, and the joyful surprise factor was just too much fun.

37. if you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job? i would not! i love my job to pieces and it makes me feel very happy and fulfilled. i would be bored out of my mind if i had tons of time on my hands. yes, i know i would have a million dollars to spend (!) but even shopping (for things i don’t really need) and traveling would grow old, eventually. i am a bit of a hoarder of money, by nature, so i would likely bank the million, think for a while on what i want to do with it, buy presents for friends and family, set up a charity for disadvantaged local children…and well, let’s be honest…buy running shoes!

if you check out the 50 questions, share an answer (or any of the q’s above)! bonus q & a: #5 – what is the one thing you would most like to change about the world? even out the great divide between the financially rich and the poor.

what’s a motivational quote or mantra that rings true to you? my ultrarunning friend used to say “this is tough, but we are tougher.” i’ve always liked that one.

oh, who are the people in theOTHERstore’hood?

i am having a BLAST working at the store and theOTHERstore. it is so cool because i am doing the same job yet because i am at two different locations, there is great variety in atmosphere. already, i’ve noticed some significant differences in clientele and traffic flow. for example: at the store, it is rare to get any many customers after 6:30 or 7 p.m. in the evening. at theOTHERstore, it is nothing to be steady-busy between 8-9 p.m., when we close. i chalk up this pattern to store location: uptown waterloo is pretty quiet on a weekday eve, whereas theOTHERstore is located on a main thoroughfare – it’s easy for people to pop in while driving home or while completing other errands at nearby retailers.

so, about theOTHERstore: it’s located in a strip mall, and is anchored at one end by mark’s work wearhouse.

they've taken the "work wearhouse" out of their name - image reinvention efforts, i believe!

mark’s recently moved over from the opposite end of the mall (more on that in a second) and is now located where movie theatres used to be! yup, they ripped down the cineplex and built a huge mark’s. weird.

and now – about the other end of the mall. full circle story: a long time ago, it housed drug world, a huge (obviously) drug and food store (this was in the days before shopper’s carried groceries). what is special about drug world? it is where the brother worked his first part-time job! and now i am in the same mall. neat, eh?!

in the past few weeks, i had noticed renovations being carried out in the ex-ex-drug world, ex-mark’s work wearhouse store. then, last week, this sign was up:

uh oh - i am in trouble, part 2!!

[part 1 is the fact that i now enjoy such easy access to fairview park mall – the site of my outing of the month with mom in july].

now, michaels waterloo is just a 15 minute walk from home. but soon…i will be 100 feet from the best craft selection in the universe!! i hope they open in time for me to get the supplies i need for a planned  new experience, the xmas edition. [remember: never shop at michael’s without googling for a 40% off one item coupon. i get the michael’s weekly email and it always has a coupon, too].

so: theOTHERstore is between mark’s work wearhouse at one end and the soon-to-be michael’s at the other end. here are a few more neighbours:

whew - not much else is a huge temptation

[what really makes me laugh is the fact that the dr bernstein diet clinic is right beside theOTHERstore. hmmmm, let’s see, you can get healthy by walking and running and being fit, or by getting expensive injections and eating one chicken wing per day…!].

and get this! across the street, there is none other than…

  • winners
  • pier 1 imports (see the sign poking through at the bottom of the photo, above?!)
  • starbucks
  • homesense

i am in trouble, part 3!


what type of ‘hood do you work in? i should add that in terms of running routes, i believe the store has nicer options – theOTHERstore is a bit more limited for scenic routes within close proximity.

what store spells D-A-N-G-E-R to you? me: the ones i work in!

i'm still resisting!!

i’ve got a package for you

well, no, actually i don’t – sorry! i’m the one who received a surprise in the mail. i just muchly love that “package” line from the movie legally blonde (classically wonderful movie, btw, if you’ve never seen it).

so what arrived via canada post??

none other than…

just as depicted on the cereal box!

my cheerios beach towel!

wow, my shorter term memory must be going…i had completely forgotten about how i had ordered free towels back on august 11th, thanks to the cereal box giveaway offer.

the towel is super cute. unfortunately, it’s also super cheap and thin … not the highest of quality (not that i was expecting a brian gluckstein-quality plushness when you receive something like this, for free).

i ordered three towels, total, so the other two should be on their way! i’ll show “the collection” once my set is complete!


third time’s the charm

i realized last friday that there was only one week left in september.

and dad and i had not yet enjoyed our outing of the month.

then i looked at my calendar, and thought about dad’s schedule.

ugh-oh. the pickings were looking incredibly slim for how we were going to fit in a get-together.

dad’s idea for september had been to go for lunch to zoup. this soup-sandwich-salad-neat-o restaurant is right across from us, and i haven’t been there yet, either (dad has, once). i was thumbs up on that plan…until i realized there were zero lunch slots available to us between now and september 30th.

my suggestion was to go to a movie together. that would be a new experience as i have never gone to a movie with just dad. now, the kink in that plan was that the only movie i really want to see that is playing right now is…


i just couldn’t bring myself to inflict this film on poor dad – plus, he’s not a sjp fan (i am!). moneyball, the new release starring brad pitt, would be more dad’s style…but, i am not crazy about dear brad, and the movie is 2 hours 15 minutes!

movie problem solved when we couldn’t come up with a suitable evening for both of us.

which brings us to option #3 –  a sunday afternoon break at starbucks. wouldn’t you know, we got there and all tables were full! so we hopped across jaywalked across king street to the gelato place.

official portrait for the september outing


yes, we invited mom to join us – the vibe was just right. we all had a wonderful visit – even though we are next-door neighbours (condos in side-by-side buildings) it had been two weeks since we had all seen each other!

dad, i think we need to plan october NOW!


whose line is it anyway?

[tangent: contrary to legally blond, i do not care for drew carey nor the game show “whose line…” and one of my fave game shows ever, the price is right, is simply unwatchable with mr carey as host. bob barker -> irreplaceable].

anyway, on friday, janetha blogged a funny post based on an email her mom had forwarded on to her. j has no idea as to the origins of the “adult truths” listed in the email; therefore, i have no clue either as to who to credit, obviously! so, just read and laugh – here are my favourite ten:

1. nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.

2. mapquest really needs to start their directions on #5. i’m pretty sure i know how to get out of my neighbourhood.

3. bad decisions make good stories.

4. i keep some people’s phone numbers in my phone just so i know not to answer when they call.

5. how many times is it appropriate to say “what?” before you just nod and smile because you still didn’t hear or understand a word they said?

6. i love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars teams up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front. stay strong, brothers and sisters!

7. shirts get dirty. underwear gets dirty. pants? pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever…

8. there is a great need for a sarcasm font.

9. you never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren’t going to be productive for the rest of the day.

10. the first testicular guard, the “cup,” was used in hocky in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. that means it took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

received anything fun in the mail lately? my mail is so boring! i don’t even have magazine subscriptions anymore!

sarah jessica parker: like or unlike? me = a big fan. ever since her “square pegs” tv show in the 80’s. i would kill for her hair!

which truth is your favourite? me = #5 -> i’ll say “pardon” two times, then i’m out.

silver is the new green

well, it’s official: greenie ipod has been retired:

...and irreverently dumped into my kitchen junk drawer

i got tired of playing psychological warfare. he was cranking out the tunes so nicely, then last week, ka-boom! his behaviour hit the crapper became simply unacceptable. instead of hiccuping once an hour, greenie would just stop suddenly, and completely refuse to restart despite my repeated jabs and stabs cajoling and coaxing.

hi-ho silver:

sleek and shiny and at the ready

so, reliable music is mine once again.


what you have just read, i pre-wrote. [yes, i do some of that; spilling my blogging secrets, here].

you won’t believe what happens next!…

the second time i used silver – this weekend – he stopped dead in his tracks mid-lady gaga. wtf?? seriously, man, WTF??!!

i plugged silver in to my laptop to recharge.


no connection light on silver, no connection in itunes.

great, just GREAT!!, i thought.

you already know that i am completely unskilled with technology. so, i tried a few unscientific fixes (ie more jabs and stabs) and got nowhere.

next part of the story: yesterday afternoon, then, i careened drove up here:

at least it was a sunny day for a drive

i do not enjoy future shop.

i am changing my tune. (punny!)

long story short, i was in and out of future shop in < 5 minutes. i received superb customer service from a techno wizard child. i told the associate straight up that i wasn’t sure if the ipod was the prob or me or my computer. he plugged in silver: no issues! silver lit up like a christmas light. the guy who assisted me gave me a few very helpful tips. for example, i found out that with every ipod i have owned, i’ve been disconnecting it from my computer incorrectly. [ya think that’s why they all’ve had such short lives?]. i’ve just been yanking out the plug-in cord thing.


what i am supposed to do is click on the eject symbol…

that's the arrow-up thing on the left side, beside the name with which i customized silver...

and then pull it out.


i scurried home, held my breath, plugged in silver…and he worked!!

oh, happy day.

so now that is two positive customer experiences at future shop.

and i am officially…



there are a few changes with this new ipod. this was the cord-thingy with which i attached greenie to my laptop:

now that i think about it, why DID it need to be so long??!

compare that to silver’s power requirements!

like, it's maybe an inch long??!

i’m still figuring out how to marry itunes with the new ipod – itunes pops up differently with silver. i haven’t yet deduced how to customize a play list – i used to just drag ‘n’ drop songs if i wanted to make a new, random assortment from my set playlists. i would think that has to still be an option??

also, the songs seem to be playing just a tiny bit slower on the new ipod…like barely noticeable, yet still obvious to my ear. [i used to teach aerobics and bpm’s – beats per minute – are ingrained in my head]. itunes needs a speed-up function! i don’t want to create alvin and the chipmunks sounds, but i like my songs to sound like they’re jacked up on caffeine.

i’ll be interested to see how long silver lasts – now that i know how to de-connect him properly! i’ve got another ipod on my xmas list, just in case. three months isn’t asking too much of silver, is it? just depends if he develops an ornery streak like ol’ greenie!

your opinion of future shop? i hearby declare i will swear off badmouthing this electronics behemoth now and forever more.

do you have a junk drawer or a “dumping space”? i consider myself neat and organized. however, this one drawer in my kitchen is the recipient of anything i don’t really know what to do with. i think it’s genetic: growing up, my dad’s top drawer of his dresser in the bedroom was a complete mess! so unlike dad!


fall beauty

we must all have paid our taxes on time, in our condo building – look what the city has done to our street!

beautiful pots of mums - perfect for fall!

aren’t they gorgeous?

i'm not usually a fan of mums - except my mum, haha! - but these are delightful!

and look carefully at the planters:

the view back up the street...

those are the old seagram barrels! what a wonderful way to integrate them back into the neighbourhood!

three months today is christmas day!…

happy sunday!

i had to throw in that title today. when i worked at the local insurance company, my colleague penny and i had a long-standing joke: on the 25th of EACH month we would remind each other of how many months it was ’til christmas. mom and i do that, as well! so now YOU know, too! done your shopping, yet???!! 🙂

it’s all about the t-shirt

look at what i received this week at theOTHERstore. i jumped for joy, i am telling you.

a promo for the special canadian edition saucony kinvara 2's

this is a really nice t: made of tech fabric, it’s light and fits well. red is not my favourite colour, but the inspiring slogan > the red colour. i do love tshirts. it is entirely possible that a future kiki project could be “wear a different tshirt every day for a year.” i doubt i would get through my collection!

coffee in my cup

i drank two mugs of coffee this past week.


they were ok. i drank them more because i was curious to see what exactly my reaction would be. conclusion: not enamoured.

local news

coincidence? right after i wrote about not knowing anything about the upcoming provincial election, i received my voting notice from elections canada. ok! i will be at the polling station on thursday, october 6th!

secondly…the strike at the local post-secondary educational institute is now over. i’m very relieved for everyone involved.

more mail

also this week, i found out that if i want to contribute the knitted blanket for the mcc relief sale, i will need to have it completed by march 23rd. at this time, that sounds like loads of time. but, as we all know, time flies! i better get started by november, at the latest, if i wish to meet the 2012 deadline.

…with a side of yogurt

in the weekly flyers a couple weeks back, there was a coupon for the glenridge zehrs. if you spent over $50, you got $5 off your grocery bill. ever since my may grocery challenge, i’ve had a sharp eye for deals! i took advantage of the zehrs coupon, and massively stocked up on items i eat all the time. however, i was a little overzealous with my yogurt stashing:

this p.c. blue menu brand is really creamy

multiply that container by three. and i neglected to look at the expiry date: september 25th. i do eat a lot of yogurt, but in the last few days, it’s been a story of “let’s have x for a meal…and dollop on some yogurt!” dessert? frozen yogurt with choco chips! now, if only puffins had an expiry date!…

have a great day, friends!

it’s a bird, it’s a plane…

…it’s a flying fence!

i have to thank my neighbourhood/blogging friend tricia for today’s photos. actually, it’s tricia’s young daughter who first spied the “fence in the sky:”

yes, that is a fence hanging off a street light!

i don’t think i ever would have noticed this fence without being told to look for it. and it’s located right beside the store! (locals: if you’re in uptown waterloo, go over to the public square by the sombrero-wearing hotdog vendor, and look up, way up).

tricia and i agreed that we were all ready to blame exuberant university students – specifically from the engineering dept – for pulling a prank. but, apparently, it’s all in the name of art:

meaningful art, that is

lesson of the day: when out and about, look up, down and all around. who knows what you’ll see!

and thus endeth my yoga interlude

my yoga groupon at fearless heart yoga expired as of yesterday.

[i thought i better refrain from yet another snookie “wah” photo insert – enough already, agreed?!].

i attended 10-12 classes during my month-long membership. for $40, that works out to <$4 per class which is amazing. [if you pay-by-the-class, it’s about $20 per session at each of the local yoga studios].

as much as i have embraced, enthused over, become enraptured with, and enjoyed the yoga classes, i won’t be renewing my membership. my work schedule combined with the new fall class schedule at fearless heart don’t mesh too well. in the past two weeks, i have only attended one class per week (the 30 minute lunchtime express on tuesdays).

yesterday, i made it a priority to go to the 7:30 p.m. “yoga for non yogis” class. how very full-circle that my first yoga class this summer was also with instructor lindsay!

i seriously have offered to buy that madonna t from lindsay - love it!

me and lindsay before last night's class. it makes me laugh to wear my jersey shore t to yoga!

class was totally awesome. i exited with noodle-y hips and an upward-facing heart.

looking forward, however, i wouldn’t be able to attend thursday evenings on any sort of a regular basis: i work monday and tuesday eves, wednesdays i am in toronto. thursday, then, is really the best evening for getting together with friends.

up until the end of august, fearless heart offered a friday at 5:30 p.m. class and a sunday at 7:30 p.m. class – those worked nicely. but now since i work at theOTHERstore on fridays, i would not be back in waterloo in time for 5:30 p.m….so that would be a no-go, anyhow.

without a groupon deal, the monthly yoga pass is $90. [and fearless heart is the least expensive studio i have researched]. i just can’t justify spending that amount of money on 6-8 yoga classes per month – esp when the one i would go to consistently is only 30 minutes in length.

if you recall, one of my september goals was to spend time on my yoga mat at home. and i did! once!

yes, there are a few!

golly, yoga at home is so hard! i’m not inspired to bring out my mat (even with motivating tunes in the background – i’ve discovered i like a side of music with my yoga!), my mind wanders and i think about my to do list, and i just want to finish up. not good! not zen!

maybe a laughing buddha beside me would help??!

i’ve brainstormed some solutions. here’s what i have…and why they won’t work:

  • download free yoga workouts from itunes or free online sites: this form of yoga does not address my need for a social setting, and personal cuing from a real, live instructor
  • use my own yoga dvd (i have a david swenson one) or follow my david swenson book: see reasoning, above
  • make up my own routines: if i start small – tell myself i’m only spending 10 minutes on the mat, and do sun salutations and legs up the wall, for example, maybe i’ll have success?

here is an alternative solution i have come up with:

  • get a two week trial pass at moksha yoga ($30 introductory pass for two weeks of classes) [yes, i was not really get hyped after my first class, but i think this yoga deserves a couple more chances]
  • get a two week trial pass at bikram yoga ($30 for two weeks, unlimited) [the moksha and bikram studios offer more classes at more times during the day and evening than fearless heart]
  • use up the two passes i have accumulated for a free trial week at two local gyms that each offer yoga

haha, guess what…through the process of typing out my thoughts, i experienced an a-ha moment: if it’s important enough to me, i’ll make the yoga happen.

authored by a very respected and renowned yogi

any suggestions of ideas for me on how to keep yoga in my life (at least a teensy bit)?? i am all ears!

if you do yoga, what works for you? i’m still all ears!


today is the last full day of summer.


it’s rather anti-climactic, don’t you think? to me, fall already started wayyyy back at labour day weekend.

to celebrate (what’s left of) september [please note that i did not say “the arrival of autumn”], let’s play a word game!

S is for sunrises, sunsets and sunny days:

see what you see when you get up early?!

we get the most gorgeous views from our living room windows

isn't it the best when a fantabulous weather day falls on a WEEKEND?!

we have enjoyed some real beauties of this month.

E is for eewwwww!!:

oops! let the green bin contents accumulate a little too long!...those fuzzies can't be good to have around!

[i honestly emptied the bin right after i snapped that photo. note to self: empty green bin > once per week!]

P is for Puffins!:

now available at valumart! as in, 500 metres from my front door!

now all i have to do is talk to owner bob about bringing in the peanut butter flavour!

T is for timing a gas purchase just right:

much better than $1.28 or $1.29 per litre!

yes, in totality, you may only save a couple of bucks, but it’s the principle of the thing. and the feeling of “i scored a deal!’

E is for eyeballing your yarn stash and gambling that yes, you do have enough yarn to knit up twin size two sweaters…and you do!

free to a good home!

and just a few scraps left over - enough to fill a sandwich baggie!

M is for mentally purchasing new fall decorations:





[the storage of said items is the conundrum…]

B is for bright spikes!:

nike's fall cross-country line-up

all you have to do to wear ’em is run through muck and mashed leaves, over hill and dale, in rain and wind and possibly snow…but it’d be worth it, right?!

E is for complete election ignorance:

the front-runner


doesn't stand a chance in this riding

seriously, i have not a clue as to what the ontario election date is. guess i’ll find out when i get my voting info in the mail! i have zero interest in politics – but i always vote! – and somehow i have managed to not even realize there is (i guess?) an election coming up.


R is for ridiculousness!:

i saw this popcorn at shoppers...

...take a close look at the serving size...

really?? you gotta be kidding me! who’s going to measure out 2/5 of a bag of popped corn?! i dare you to eyeball that measurement! what a laugh.

so, fall is here, like it or not. let’s keep our fingers crossed for a l-o-n-g autumn season. cuz you know what follows next!…

Fall: thumbs up or thumbs down? DOWN! summer is the best time of the year!

Pick a letter, any letter, and share something! R is also for reading – still haven’t started dragon tattoo girl!

2011 goals

i often link back to the blog post i wrote on january 1st, eleven for ‘2011, where i listed my goals for this year. however, i never actually re-read the post when i do the link-back!

on the weekend, i just happened to take a glance-thru, and thought i’d see what i actually wrote down how things are progressing.


very interesting!

just to be a tease, instead of reviewing each one and evaluating the progress [or lack thereof] let’s summarize thusly:

eight of the eleven goals have either been completed or are on track.

three of the eleven goals…would receive a failing grade if the end of the world the end of the year was tomorrow. however. the good news is that at this time, there is no reason why each and every one of the eleven items on the 2011 wish list could not be accomplished by december 31st. [slight modifications may be necessary and would be allowable].

i’m glad i reviewed this blog post! we have nearly 3.5 months remaining in 2011 ie. over 1/4 of the year. that’s lots o’ time!

my vigour is renewed – it’d be wonderbar to put check marks…


…next to each and every goal!

how ya’ doin’ with your own 2011 goals? do you even remember them?! i am most happy with the coupon of the month goal. it is on target for 100% completion! sample, sample, and sample!

bloggers: do you go back and read previous blog posts? me -> never! i don’t re-read my personal journal, either!