first moksha yoga experience + first day

technically, i could include my labour day monday moksha yoga outing as a new experience. but i’m not going to. you’ll see why in the next bit.
i had a free pass for the waterloo moksha yoga location.


since fearless heart yoga did not have any classes on the holiday, i thought it was the perfect opp to try out moksha. i’ve been wanting to go all year!
i attended the 60 minute class at 12 noon.
here are my impressions:
the positives~
  1. the heat! moksha yoga is done in a very very very hot room. like sauna hot. by the end of the class, i was dripping, sopping wet. this was not an issue because i love heat, and do not have problems with being hot and sweaty.
  2. there is absolutely no talking in the yoga room. you enter, and you are silent. this atmosphere supports the inward focus of yoga. only the instructor spoke as she guided us through our practice.
  3. you cannot be late! signs warn that you will be denied entry to class if you arrive late. i like hard-ass rules like this.
  4. the location: i can walk to the waterloo moksha yoga spot in precisely 10 minutes.


the downfalls~
  1. the class i attended did not feel like a yoga class, but more like a one hour stretching class. where were the sun salutations? we did none! it’s ingrained in my mind that you start yoga with sun salutes, and i really missed this integral yoga posture.
  2. the class was very easy. the heat was the only intense part of the practice. the moves were very basic – and i am not an advanced yogi by any stretch. and my least favourite pose, savasana, the one i grit my teeth and endure tolerate to end a yoga class, well – we did savasana in the beginning of the class, twice in the middle, and at the end. savasana overload!!
  3. i found the class atmosphere to be very impersonal. despite the fact that this was the largest yoga class i have ever attended (i’d guesstimate that there were 30-40 participants) there was no sense of being in this all together or camaraderie. might i even say it felt cold – quite the contrast to the physical temperature!
  4. the instructor was nothing to write home about – she was almost robotic. not sure she has yoga in her soul, know what i mean?

i was really disappointed because i truly wanted to love moksha yoga! now, i may give it another try: for $30, you can get a two week all-the-yoga-you-can-do pass (for first time members) so perhaps i can try that (???)…or maybe i’ll just move on to bikram…now that for sure i will write up as a new experience!


any outings or events of late with which you were disappointed? i don’t mind being disappointed when i don’t have to pay – but i get annoyed if i *waste* my money on a less-than-stellar experience.


i’m in trou-ble!!!

i enjoyed a truly marvelous first day down at theOTHERstore yesterday. i unpacked and merchandised the new fall line of run for the cure clothing, re-arranged and found space for tons of fuelbelt product, and socialized with a fairly steady stream of customers. i had two customers plus the purolator guy say, “aren’t you usually up at the OTHER store??” people are observant!

i had been a bit concerned about the commute because i need to take both the expressway and fairway road to get to theOTHERstore. my worries were completely unfounded: even at 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. – prime rush hour traffic times – it only took me 12 minutes there and 15 minutes back to make the drive. i am going in the opposite direction from the main flow which is very nice!

so….not all of our stores carry the same stock. look what is at theOTHERstore:


special CANADIAN edition saucony kinvaras - see the maple leaf?!

first, the good news: i know from a previous try-on that the kinvaras are too wide for my foot – thank goodness because i find that maple leaf on that shoe just too cute for words. now, the bad news: i love love love those frees!!

you betcha i wasted no time trying them on!

and the badder news is that all nike shoes are $10 off right now. [plus, i get a staff discount]. golly, i am so tempted. i do need a fifth pair of frees, right? RIGHT?! get a load of that colour combo!! if that shoe doesn’t scream, “kiki, wear me now!” i don’t know what does.

i’m not done with the bad news: when i’m working at this second location, i am within spitting distance of fairview park mall. oy yoy yoy….as my manager paul said, i am going to need a second job to pay for my first job!

all in all, i am going to love working at both store locations. i can’t wait to share more stories as time goes on!


mom and i are off to the knitter’s fair TODAY!! i can guarantee that we are going to have an awesome time! **if you are local and you have an interest in knitting, get over to bingeman’s between 9:30 – 4:30 today. just make sure to bring lots of $!

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  • Karen  On September 10, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    I can’t wait to see what you picked up at the knitters’ fair, Cathy! I wish Ottawa had a decent knitting show. Another reason to move back to KW!

  • Holly  On September 10, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I hope the knitter’s fair was fun!

    You definitely need those shoes — I love the colors and you are so right, they just scream “KIKI!” 🙂

  • Lisa  On September 10, 2011 at 7:15 am

    Have a fabulous time at the knitter’s fair!!!
    Glad your time at the other store went well—we’re so much alike on analyzing the driving time and, well, on the yoga thing too! I LOVE hot yoga…but I can’t find a “good” one. It’s either too boring, or it’s serious power vinyasa. I always overstretch and get sort of injured. I almost tried a bikram class (but it was $20 a class…and that just seemed to be crossing a line), and the only hesitation I have on that is that they do the exact same poses/class every single time (I think).
    I actually did yoga at home yesterday—and it was good, although at 1pm (not morning!).
    And ok….I love those shoes! I need some new Nike Frees…I’ve been wearing the merrell barefoot shoes, but I liked my frees better in the past. Really—you work in the store, it’s your job to have all the stylin’ shoes 🙂

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 10, 2011 at 8:47 am

      oh, you are good, lisa! “it’s my job” – > i like that! you are right: bikram is the same series. it’s quite expensive up here, too (even if you buy an unlimited pass which would be the cheapest option). i wish we could try a class together! glad you got some yoga mat time in yesterday! have a great weekend! the sun is shining here!

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