friday the 16th

no, you are right, there is nothing spectacular about today’s date. this title came about because i couldn’t think of anything better! šŸ™‚

happy friday! i had a great week. this was my introduction to full-time hours at the storeS. monday is my busiest day: i work 11-2 at the store in my ‘hood then boot down to theOTHERstore for a 3-9 shift. the timing worked smooth as silk this week, and i loved my full day.


remember when i told you i had an interview at a local educational institute? yup, that was the very day i cheated on the surprise math test.


God [i must capitalize here] is truly amazing. see, right now, the support staff at this place of higher learning is on strike. it’s not looking very hopeful for a quick resolution. here’s the thing: if i had gotten that job, i would be on strike right now. can you imagine – you start a new job, put in one month, and boom – you’re on strike. had that happened to me, i would be so anxious right now. i am just so grateful that i did not get offered the job, and that i was able to get full-time hours at the store. i feel very sorry for everyone involved in the strike: the people picketing, the management teams, and most of all the students. what a frustrating situation. but this whole scenario, from interview day to the present, again reinforces that God definitely has a hand in my life’s directions.

any “meant to be” realizations in your life, lately? i practically get shivers up my spine whenever these types of things occur to me.


it’s been about a year since i joined facebook. what a good call that was. i absolutely adore it. facebook has allowed me to reconnect with old school chums, find out irrelevant details from the lives of current friends and family, and just basically be in the loop with people i otherwise would not be in touch with regularly, if at all.

before i joined, i was really fearful that facebook would be a major life-sucking force. but it hasn’t proven so. i don’t sit on the site for hours at a time; rather, my style, as it has evolved, is that i check it about 20 times a day (yes!) from my laptop or my blackberry, scroll down the newsfeed for 30-60 seconds, then move on. it’s like taking commercial breaks as i go about my day!

one of my goals for 2011 was to *collect* (for want of a better term) 100 friends by the end of 2011. earlier this summer, i hit 99 friends. i pondered who i should send a friend request to for the grand #100. i had pretty much decided on john stanton! [loyal employee that i am!] i wanted this milestone friend marker to be memorable and significant.

well. so much for that.

before i could act on hitting on contacting js, i received a friend request. i just had to laugh – it was from a girl whom i have never been close to, never really liked feel quite ambivalent about, haven’t seen in eons, and would never contact myself. but i accepted the request [why not? bygones is bygones, life is short] and that took care of reaching my 2011 100 facebook friends goal. currently, i sit at 111 people on my friends list – now i’m interested to see what the number will be by december 31st!

are you on facebook? how often do you check in, and do you add friends frequently? some of my younger friends have 500 or 600 facebook friends! i feel like i couldn’t even name you 600 people!


summer came back earlier this week! the sun was out, it was hot…it was complete awesomeness. i greedily lapped up this weather because i know it’s a ticking time bomb til fall’s cool temps kick in for good.

tuesday, i worked 4-9 pm (at the regular store). in the afternoon, instead of venturing up to the rooftop, i went to the park-ish area beside the condo casa building:


a quiet (if uncomfortable) bench...

privacy grasses...

perhaps not a waterFALL; a water spout? a water trickle? at least you get "water falling" as gentle background *noise*

to relax, i took a book with me. not this book that i am *supposed* to be reading. because…


how can i be expected to read anything else when snooki’s book – i had placed a request for it at the library – arrived that very morning!

what is going on with me?! reading tori and snooki, watching jersey shore and real housewives…what a laugh!

do you watch jersey shore? i never would have predicted i’d be so hooked!

happy weekend!

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  • Zo  On September 16, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Sounds like you had a good week.
    Meant to be…I flirted with the idea of trying to buy a condo… It became clear I couldn’t afford it and decided to continue renting. A year later I was moving in with my boyfriend, who wasn’t on the horizon the year before…so I was glad I decided not to attempt buying.
    Not on Facebook (tiptoeing closer slowly) and I’ve never seen jersey shore (but since I’m from jersey I think I’ve seen it all anyway!)

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 16, 2011 at 2:12 pm

      i’d love to go to the jersey shore….and sit on the beach, not party all night! so glad you and mr sc found each other! join facebook!!! do it!!! šŸ™‚

  • Holly  On September 16, 2011 at 9:17 am

    I hope you like Snooki’s book! I’m finishing up Room this weekend (very different, kind of disturbing book so far) and then I hope to pick up Snooki’s book after that. If anything it will be good for a laugh!

    Yes, “meant to be” moments seem to happen all the time. 2 years ago, Jason and I were seriously trying to sell our house (we were willing to take a huge loss to get out of it) and move to the city where Jason’s former job was located. His commute was just too long and we were trying to make it easier. Well, with him being laid off now I am so glad that never happened — we would have been living in a small town with basically no opportunities (and no Target, ha!) and we’d be far away from family. I’m glad we are in our house still!

    I have 300 friends I think? Lots of former classmates, former coworkers, friends and family. I know a few people who have 800+ friends and like you, I don’t think I could even name 800 people that I actually know!

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 16, 2011 at 9:35 am

      oh, please do read snooki’s book – then we can have our book discussion (and anyone else who wants to join in!). so far, it’s very entertaining – just like the jersey shore show – i can tell that gia = snooki and bella = jwow! no target! that would be a big loss!!! seriously, i am glad that things worked out for you, holly, and that you are happy where you are now.

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