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…and the winner is!!!…


(entry #1!)

karen commented:

What a great giveaway, Cathy! I would choose the men’s t-shirt about sleet, hail, rain etc. It would be for John. He’s the die-hard runner in our house. My new experience this year that I’m thankful for is learning lots of really good gluten-free baking recipes. I found out in January that I’m gluten-intolerant. I’m really happy to have found some replacements for my favourite recipes.

congratulations, karen!

this is the design karen is referencing

thanks to all of you who played along and entered the contest. i thoroughly enjoyed reading your new experiences. i wish i could host a contest every week – that was fun! now you just have to wait til blog post #1,000 for the next giveaway, haha! [should i decide to start blogging three entries per day, the time will really fly!]

i was going to chitchat a bit then list the contest winner, but knew no one would read my preamble if i did that. so here’s how the winning ballot was chosen…

last giveaway contest, i used the very popular online random number generator to pick the number. but, where’s the fun in that?! i much prefer stephanie’s method!

early saturday eve, i excitedly scooted over to mom and dad’s with the “ballot box” in hand:

my cherished sushi hat

i had prepared the ballots at home:

i cut up ORANGE paper (of course)!...

...and wrote down each entrant's name and comment number!

i wanted mom and dad to serve as witnesses while i made the draw. there are not two more honest people on the face of this earth, so you can rest assured knowing that there was no cheating going on (not that i am not honest and trustworthy, too!).

my assistants and witnesses!

dad wanted to make sure the papers were well mixed:


then it was time for the draw!

i wanted to do the actual picking!

...and the winner is!...

thanks again, everyone! happy sunday!


november thankfulness:

(for saturday november 12): yesterday i was thankful for having mom and dad live in the building next door! so convenient to just slip over for fun things like…picking contest winners! and meeting for coffee breaks! but never any drop-by’s – we don’t believe in that!