let there be light!

living in a condo is the absolute best.

  • i love having little responsibility for home upkeep.
  • i enjoy knowing that i have many neighbours close by (luckily, mine are all quiet, and very nice people).
  • going on vacation? lock the door and walk away. no worries about who will mow the lawn, or about potential break-ins.
  • snowfall overnight? the shoveling and plowing are done for you (as well as gardening and lawn care in the warmer months). yes, i will gladly pay a condo fee for someone else to do these laborious tasks.

i think i’ve mentioned before that the only two things i really miss about being a house-owner are: 1) handing out hallowe’en candy 2) slugging in grocery bags: it was much more convenient to go from garage -> side door than it is now where it’s garage -> over the parking lot -> up the elevator -> down the hall -> into the condo.

when you live in a condo, you are a member of a community. with residents of various ages and stages of life all living under the same roof, priorities will vary, likes and dislikes will be different. what’s a big deal to someone will be small potatoes to another. luckily, (again) i’d say our building’s residents all get along the majority of the time. that being said, people are funny! remember how someone or someoneS uses the garbage room as their own personal dumping ground?

these cappucino cups and saucers greeted me saturday morning...if i was currently into coffee, maybe they would have been tempting...

tangent: i can’t believe that no one has picked up this gem of a book (the bottom one, there) from the recycling room lending library!

gag gift for the brother for christmas??!

two situations that made me chuckle and shake my head came to my attention this past week:

1) for many years, the street lights that line our street have been non-functional. when you along the street-side sidewalk towards the condo building, it’s as black as the ace of spades (as mom would say). i make sure to have all senses on full alert when it’s dark (5 p.m. at this time of year) and i’m making my way home. it’s not a spooky-scary, deserted stretch, by any means, but still, some light would be most welcome. long-time residents have grumped about how we need light along the street, we deserve light, there is no light…blah blah, you get the picture.

finally this past week, the streetlights were activated!

and we have light!

now, the sidewalk and roadway are illuminated beautifully:

as you can see, there are several light posts - no dark areas any more!

but now, would you believe it, people are griping because the lights are TOO bright! i was chatting with our super and he asked me what i thought of the new streetlights. well, to be honest, i had not even noticed them! the super said he had received a couple of complaints that the lighting is too strong, (someone couldn’t sleep with the light coming in the window??!) so our super is going to send a follow-up letter to the city. after observing the degree of lighting, i have no issue whatsoever (and the condo casa does face that street-side direction). we have streetlights, people! let’s rejoice!

2) another asset in our building is the fitness room. thanks to having this workout space, i don’t even need a gym membership. it’s got cardio equipment, weights, stretching mats, and – huge bonus! – a tv! it’s all you could want for a (personal) fitness centre.

because it’s not that large of a room, it can get a little stuffy. luckily, we have a nice big window that you can open to let in the fresh air. well, there are decided fresh air fans, and fresh air detesters among the gym-goers! (full confession – i am on the “bring in the outside air!!!” team).

the week before last, this sign appeared at the window:

eye catching, for sure

…and just for good measure, there’s a repeat reminder at the lights by the door!

makes more sense to catch people right before they leave!

again, in chatting with the super [sidenote: if you ever need any building gossip info, you always seek out the super], he said that someone had requested the note because the room was freeeeezing when he came in to use it. this little situation makes me laugh because it is just common courtesy to close up the window, turn off the lights etc when you leave (in my opinion) but some people need etiquette reminders, it would appear. and this scenario highlights how you need a little give and take when sharing personal space with others. (for example, i don’t issue a formal complaint when i walk in and it’s 85 degrees and smelly, in there!)

i could go on to whine about people not putting away the weights or cleaning off the equipment, but we’ll leave that topic for another day…when i can complain again.


november thankfulness:

(for sunday november 13): yesterday i was thankful for the fact that my hair is growing longer!!!

late-october photo

i definitely need a hairband or clip or else my bangs are too shaggy in my eyes. and the back is shoulder-length! not getting another hair-chop til 2013, i swear!

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  • Kelly @ Foodie Fiasco  On November 15, 2011 at 12:25 am

    I’m so glad you like your condo! I am personally a house girl, but maybe one day…

    • 1970kikiproject  On November 15, 2011 at 5:55 am

      there are definitely benefits to both lifestyles! and yes, you never know which direction you may take, someday, with where to live!

  • Zo  On November 14, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    Actually, we have a streetlamp that shines into our bedroom window at night that drives me nuts (I need my dark…shutting the blinds helps but it’s a pain when you want fresh air).
    When I lived in my apartment we had a dinky fitness center (where often the equipment didn’t work)…so we had the “too hot, too cold..too this too that” issues. So many issues I can feel the tension in my shoulders just thinking about it.

    • 1970kikiproject  On November 14, 2011 at 8:40 pm

      argh, broken fitness equipment is a huge pet peeve – it’s so annoying, eh! i bet you’re happier where you work out now! so, i guess your dilemma is darkness or fresh air, eh?…an easier decision as we head into winter!

  • Stephanie  On November 14, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    If it weren’t for my awesome and ginormous dog, I would gladly live in a condo. Honestly, I kind of hate gardening, so unless I have kids or a dog to play in that yard, it’s pretty much wasted on me. I’d end up getting one of those condos with super high fees, because I’d insist on a fitness centre AND a pool. (Oh, how much would I love to have easy access to a pool…)

    As for the street lighting, I fall into the “I hate bright lights shining in my bedroom window” camp. But I’d complain about it to my friends, not to the super.

    • 1970kikiproject  On November 14, 2011 at 3:25 pm

      our building allows pets and there is one dog that i swear is the size of a donkey. so you would fit right in! 🙂 although we have no pool – i agree, that would be nice! i drool when i read the descriptions of some TO condo buildings…hello, yoga room?! i used to need pitch black darkness to sleep, but now i am used to it!

  • Johanna B  On November 14, 2011 at 10:14 am

    We have a small fitness center where I work (right down the hall, in fact my cubicle area shares a wall with it). It’s nicely equipped. Even has an aerobics area for classes and a couple of TVs – DVD players for exercise vids. I mostly use the treadmill and weights. Each area has a TV with cable to watch while you’re exercising. It’s usually pretty empty when I am there. I’m surprised that with 4000 employees not more folks use it. One thing – it’s in the basement so there are no windows. What I wouldn’t give to be able to look out on a pretty green space.

    • 1970kikiproject  On November 14, 2011 at 10:22 am

      that sounds like a great facility for a workplace. yes, surprising that it’s not used more?? although that is good for those of you who DO use it – waiting or feeling crowded. is it free or do you pay a fee? at the insurance company i used to work at, there was an on-site exercise facility – it was super cheap to be a “member.” yea, not much view from a basement, eh! focus on that tv!

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