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a project for next november??

back at the beginning of this month, a november project idea came to my attention. i was immediately intrigued! and, no – i am not referring to movember. 🙂

no, this 30 day race involves creative writing.

i’d never heard nanowrimo (national novel writing month) until i read about it on stephanie’s blog – she is participating this year. then, kim talked about it on her blog, as well (which was a pleasant surprise because kim’s blog is mostly about ultrarunning). stephanie does a good job of explaining the concept in her blog post here, but the gist of the challenge is that you write a 50 000 word novel in one month.


cool, eh?!

i have been reading stephanie’s periodic updates with great eagerness. when i checked in on kim’s blog, earlier this week, she had updated (here) that she has dropped out of the writing project –  a dnf on day 21, as she says.

i’m going to backburner this idea for next november, and it’s a good thing i have eleven + months to figure out solutions to these two challenges:

the main problem would be outlining a compelling – heck, i’d settle for interesting – storyline…what would i write about for 50 000 words?? note that this is a NOVEL writing experiment – not a memoir.

the next issue would be finding time (that was kim’s downfall). in order to reach 50 000 words, you need to write 1666.67 words per day – at first glance, when you break it down like that, i didn’t think it sounded like that much – that number of words is about 2.5 blog posts, given my usual wordiness. however, when i blog i can just ramble write like i’m having a chat with you. novel writing involves relentless forward motion advancing your plot, making your characters talk like real people, and using your imagination. i bet 1500+ words per day would require a few hours, at least.


anyway, i think this is a super-neat idea. i like rules, i work well under deadlines, i like to write, i appreciate quirky ideas…i shall reflect on it!

also, i would not write with the desired goal of publishing my oeuvre. it wouldn’t matter if it never saw the light of day. it’s the new experience aspect of nanowrimo that is the motivating element, for me.

stephanie, write on, and i am cheering for you as we head to the final few days!

what would you write about if you were going to write a book, and what type of book would you write? the young adult genre intrigues me…and i’d have lots of characters, lots of dialogue, not much description. i would avoid historical fiction – doing the research would bore me to pieces!


speaking of books, i am on page 286 out of 517 of the time traveler’s wife. i’m enjoying it, but so much for finishing it this month! i’ll aim for the end of 2011!


november thankfulness:

(for thursday november 24): yesterday i was thankful for the blends (blog friends) i have made through blogging. we’ve never met, yet i look forward to our visits through our back-and-forth blog commenting. thank you, world wide web, for bringing people together!!