eleven for ’11: the year in review


i am kicking off 2012 by completing kiki project #41. yes, the very last new experience of the year. you’ll hear about it on tuesday because i have to tell you about new experience #40 tomorrow! in the meantime…

there’s nothing like goal setting to motivate me. and for 2011, i pulled out all the stops. not only did i challenge myself to enjoy 41 new experiences [the kikiproject’s dates are actually january 9th, 2011-january 8th, 2012  but that is close enough to new year’s to be included in our discussion], but i also brainstormed eleven goals to complete in 2011. let’s review! [the recap of this year’s edition of the  1970kikiproject will be coming to the blog on sunday, january 8th]. and because i ♥ love and adore ♥ using a four star (****) rating system, that’s how we will evaluate the eleven for ’11 resolutions. (for the original eleven for 11 post, published on january 1st, 2011, click here!).

#1: blog every day. rating: ****

this is the goal of which i am second-most proud. i have a blog entry for every single day in 2011. full disclosure and loyal readers will remember that i skipped october 3rd…but then i went back and wrote an entry and dated it october 3rd. can i confess that i am super-proud of moi-même? truthfully, some days i didn’t feel the blogging vibe, some weeks i had to plan very carefully to fit in blogging time…while on other occasions, creative words would rush into my brain and i would jot down phrases literally while standing on the sidewalk so that i could later transcribe them into blog posts. yea, i’m happy.

#2: travel. rating: **

i enjoyed one major trip in 2011 – my vacation in aruba, back in march. and that was it! to stretch the definition of “voyaging,” i drove up to goderich for a day in july, and to really push the limits, we could call aunti wednesdays in toronto “travel days” – but i don’t think so! one more major trip would have been nice, but c’est la vie, and i am just very grateful to have been able to get to aruba this year.

#3: knit a blanket for the mcc relief sale. rating: *

i will not have a blanket ready for may 2012, i am 94% certain. but i do have the kit! (from the september knitter’s fair). i made other knitting projects priorities, and didn’t push to get going on this blanket. however, i do anticipate having it ready to donate for 2013.

#4: build a set of eclectic dishes. rating: **

i don’t have a whole set, per se, but i did add in some pieces:

do any of these look look familiar?!

we’ll call this one a work in progress, and a “to be continued” in 2012!

#5: keep getting up at 5 a.m. rating: ***1/2

yes! i stuck to this wake-up time, naturally. i never use an alarm clock to wake up – not sure if that fact has ever been shared. now, to be fully honest: the last couple of months, my body has been rousing itself closer to 6 a.m. than 5 a.m. and a very few times, my watch has read 6:xx when i actually roll out of bed (due to working more evening shifts this fall, and also the frenetic pace of retail in december wore me out a bit more). however: since my watch shows 5:xx when i am getting up, i am counting this goal a winner.

#6: run a half-marathon in 1:44 or faster. rating: *

haha, i clearly remember typing this goal and knowing at that time that this was a farrrr reach. and that’s ok – we need challenges and big dreams in life. i get one star because at least i ran/run!

#7: keep a gratitude journal. rating: ****

2011 concludes my second year of keeping an excel spreadsheet gratitude journal (i ♥ excel and prefer it to word documents). for every single day, i recorded either a good thing that happened to me, or something i did to help someone else have a nice day. the act of consciously typing out/reflecting on the day keeps me grounded in what matters in life, and keep me positive. and even on the worst days, there is always something – even miniscule – for which to be thankful.

#8: fulfill my coupon of the month gift. rating: ****

yes!!! yippee!! jump for joy!! this idea, without a doubt, without question, bar none, is the project of the year which makes me feel the greatest sense of satisfaction and of which i am most proud. i’m not going to link back to every single post about my meals or coffee breaks with dad, my shopping outings with mom, or my babysitting times for the brother and sil ana, but they happened. of special note: mom and i had eleven different locations where we shopped (march was modified to be a coffee break with dad). i had thought that dad and i could visit eleven different food establishments…but we ended up gravitating to starbucks and i actually like how that routine comfortably evolved. and you know that it goes without saying that my time alone with little e and cutie c swells my heart.

#9: try running in vibrams. rating: 0

haha, i totally and completely forgot about this goal! i walked quite a bit in my two pairs of “finger shoes” over the warmer months, and wore them to the store on occasion, but never ran in them! i need easy access to moab, utah more barefoot-running friendly terrain, that’s the ticket.

#10: reach 1oo friends on facebook. rating: ****

as of the time of publication, i have 124 facebook friends – score! a 25% increase over the goal number? that’s good! i was sorely tempted to just massively send out a bunch of friend requests so that i could hit 141 (41 for my age) by december 31st but didn’t want to appear desperate. i really like how my “collection” of friends encompasses many eras of my life: from grade 7 & 8/high school friends to running friends to family, etc.

#11: cook more: rating: 0

yes, the word “more” is vague, and professional life coaches would circle that word in red and have me quantify what i mean. however, when you start at zero, “more” is clear enough! basically, i cook no more today than i did 365 days ago. and i didn’t have any culinary surges during the intervening months, either. cooking is not my game. in fact, i baked even less as 2011 went on, so maybe i need a negative star rating for this goal!

in summary, here is the biggest a-ha i take from 2011:

if a goal is important enough to me, i will make it happen.

simple as that. overall? i am content with the results from 2011. if every goal had been achieved at a four star (****) level, i’d be over the moon boring, right?!


your turn! what was a 2011 goal that you achieved and one that fell by the wayside? many bloggers have already posted their “2011: the year in review” entries – i love reading these reports!

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  • Johanna G.  On January 1, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Wow – congrats, Cath! Your enjoyment of setting and reaching goals really is inspirational to me (a non-goal setter). I’m fascinated by your grateful ‘journal’. Do you think you would share an excel file (empty of course) that I could use for myself? I think this sounds like such a good idea and, actually, something that I noted somewhere a while a ago would be something I’d like to do.

    • 1970kikiproject  On January 2, 2012 at 6:52 am

      thanks, jo! i can actually just explain the excel sheet set up as it is very simple: i just have the first column as the date, then the next column is where i write one sentence/line about what i am grateful for or the nice thing that transpired. so for example: sunday january 1

    • 1970kikiproject  On January 2, 2012 at 6:55 am

      (cont’d) sorry! (note to self: do not hit the tab key!) thursday december 29 ~ celebrated family christmas at mom and dad’s friday december 30 ~ found $5 out on the sidewalk (ok, that is made up!) ~ held the door for a customer with a baby stroller so that’s how my excel journal looks for the entire year! i like it better than a notebook because it’s easier to edit and easier to look back on. i hope you consider giving it a try!

  • Stephanie  On January 1, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Wow, you did a fantastic job! Congratulations!

    I only made one resolution last year, and looking back – it was a really stupid resolution. It was something I couldn’t really control, and therefore could neither really succeed nor fail at. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself.) Note to women everywhere: “getting pregnant” is NOT a reasonable New Year’s resolution.

    This year…well, I really would like to finally be at a healthy weight. I’m stick of being at the high end of an overweight BMI. And – as you know – I also want to keep running, and clean the house, and get rid of clutter, and take guitar lessons, and write a book, and… Ha!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next Kiki project will be!

    • 1970kikiproject  On January 1, 2012 at 1:52 pm

      thanks stephanie! you win some, you lose some, but i learned a lot about myself with those 11 goals. you are going to have a busy 2012! 🙂 i love the variety of your goals – well, really, i just love the variety of interests you have! all the best in 2012 to you. i am excited to share the next kiki project – next monday, my friend!! happy holidays!!

  • Zo  On January 1, 2012 at 10:35 am

    Happy New Year! I’m really impressed with your goals and your meeting them. I’ll miss reading you every day in 2012. I cannot imagine trying to post every day, so I really admire your sticking with that one!
    I love that pear dish!
    I think it was the same way for me…important meant I gave it effort and achieved it. This year, I managed to run a 5k and run 5 miles and I found doing so easy. I did not manage to get back into knitting (I’m at plain scarf level) but have decided to try it again (I have so much yarn and was thinking that maybe if I knit blankets for animals at the shelter, it would motivate me…we’ll see).
    I just put my 2012 goals into a spreadsheet. I do write them down, but between bad handwriting and not opening that particular notebook again..I don’t check in, so I’m hoping having it readable on the computer will help.

    • 1970kikiproject  On January 1, 2012 at 1:48 pm

      ah! congrats on getting your spreadsheet organized, zo! i hope you update us on your blog with your resolution progress this year! i love your idea of knitting for the shelter animals – that is cool. and congrats on achieving your running goals in 2011 – you did awesome! happy new year’s day!

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