Daily Archives: February 1, 2012

you’ve gotta be kidding me

i’ve now been diet coke-free for 22 complete days – yea, me! so, i thought i’d give an update on how i feel.


first off, you have got to be kidding me that it has ONLY been 22 days since i stopped drinking pop – it feels like a freaking LIFETIME ago that i last knit, read blogs, and sipped on fizzy goodness. that being said, i am genuinely glad i changed my imbibing ways.


just so you know, i have not cheated at all – being accountable on the blog is what has been my primary motivation. secondary motivation is feeling authentic, light of heart and spirit, and guilt-free.

i credit success to dear dr phil – i learned from him long ago that you do not BREAK a habit – you simply replace one addiction action with another. so diet coke time has become coffee time! now, believe me, coffee is proving to be an acceptable solution…but i don’t love it to pieces. what i DO enjoy is that it makes me feel all warm and cosy inside, but the taste is only…ok? acceptable? just beyond so-so??


i’ve found that coffee really packs a punch! i have made the mistake of having one cup too many of non-decaf on a couple of occasions, and wow, the jitters really kicked in – and not in a good way. i felt on the edge of feeling overly anxious. lesson learned! and i find i tire of coffee pretty easily – after a few mugs, i’m done for the day with any desire for coffee, and switch over to carbonated water.

the coffee i am drinking is just instant – nescafe is preferable to maxwell house.

my at-home coffee collection - i also have stockpiles of regular, decaf and stevia at both the store and theOTHERstore

i would love to sip down nothing but starbucks via; however, the price is prohibitive, and i am trying to be fiscally responsible with my drinking budget. [tangent: it is totally unfortunate that i can buy two six-packs of diet coke when it is on sale at shoppers for $5 – yes, that is 12 bottles for $5.00. starbucks via pacs cost $11.95 for twelve. carbonated water is anywhere from $1.oo to $1.89 per 750 ml bottle, depending on whether i can score a sale or not. i keep reminding myself i am investing in better health! oh – and don’t forget about the stevia sweetener – $8.99 for a little 15 gram canister. this switchover is not financially advantageous!].

the brand name is "new roots," and i purchase my stevia at "eating well organically."

*they* say it takes 21 days to install a habit in your life – since day 22 was yesterday, i am past the breaking point – right?!


let’s summarize the differences i have noticed:


~ great digestion – any stomach or bowel warblings have dropped off considerably, to the point of being practically non-existant. and this is with the inclusion of gluten and dairy products in my menu selections.

~ whiter eyeballs (mom notices this immediately, every time i go off pop…and it is true, i have to admit). too bad whiter teeth did not also happen!

~ excellent energy (since i am still getting my caffeine fix with the coffee).

~ soft, smooth skin on my face (although this could be the result of some recent dietary modifications…hard to say).


~ happily, i can honestly say i have not yet had any extreme cravings for a diet coke – whew. that’s the worst, when you realllly want something and have to keep repeating no no no no to yourself.

~ as hokey as it sounds, i feel like i am being true to myself. i don’t feel that deep-down guilt for ingesting chemicals that i know do absolutely nothing to promote health. so i guess i feel emotionally proud and strong (??).


you can be sure that we will revisit this diet coke discussion a few times over the next eleven months 44 weeks (remember, as per the 12 days of kiki, i am off of diet pop til december 9th!! – yikes!). but, to think positively and not complain, at least we’ve knocked three weeks off the timeline! [as mentioned, this is not the first time since i started blogging that i’ve quit pop – we have posts dedicated to diet coke here (march 2011) and here (april 2010), for example].


what is your opinion on pop? i am simply curious as to whether you think it evil or harmless.

further comment as you wish! share a personal anecdote or just encourage me – haha!