Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

super madonna sunday

so who won the football game?! 🙂


i was not joking when i said i would be planting myself in front of mom and dad’s tv, nose glued to the screen, in order to catch madonna’s half-time show:

incognito: my excitement level is embarrassing

i no longer watch nfl football at all (there was an era, in my teens, when i never missed sunday’s games) but i do get caught up in super bowl hype. as predicted to you weeks ago, my primary purpose this year, in watching, was to catch madonna’s half-time show. [it is on my life bucket list to attend a madonna concert. really, that is the only live music performance i have any huge desire to see. well, ok, i would love to see cher, as well].

i didn’t feel badly in the least about firmly plonking myself on mom and dad’s couch floor (i didn’t even bring out my knitting!) because dad is a huge sports fanatic, and mom is very easy-going. well, ok, dad is not at all a madonna fan…so i did inflict that on him…but, oh well, sorry about your luck, dad!


it was just a matter of putting in time until madge would take the stage. so, i brainstormed a madonna tribute!!

best madonna album: the immaculate collection

favourite madonna song: hung up/time goes by

top madonna movie role: evita

most outrageous madonna productions: (tie) the movie truth or dare and her coffee table book

biggest un-madonna act: writing children’s stories (?!)

madonna’s most memorable stage attire: [no caption necessary]


i am truly a madonna fan. yes, i love her music, but more than that, there are few icons who epitomize living fearlessly quite like the material girl. i respect how she has been the queen of reinvention over the decades, and continuously “braves new frontiers.” yes, some of her statements and actions may be stylized publicity stunts so that her name remains in the limelight, but i prefer to focus on the way madonna refuses to remain static with the way she lives life.

ok! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y., it was the moment we’d all i’d been waiting for – madonna on stage!!

the leaked news was true - madonna did open with "vogue"

the show was AWESOME!!!

"music, makes the pe-ople, come together..."

i loved the entire spectacle: the choreography, the dancing, madonna’s outfits and “look,” the lights, the singing – what a show. madonna’s still got the voice and the moves.

it was not perfect, however, and i bet that will bug madonna to pieces. did you catch her slight mis-step off the bleacher, in the segment photographed above? and that WAS a middle-finger flash by M.I.A.!! -> i thought that’s what i saw!

with nicki minaj, performing "give me all your lovin'" -> new release!

grand finale! "like a prayer"

i LOVED the ending when madonna poofed off the stage. awesome.

then, a surprise!

say what, dad??!

unbeknownst to me, mom and dad’s pvr records the last 20 minutes of whatever you just watched – so dad hit rewind and i got to watch the whole show again! super zowie!

[tangent: family, please note that a MADONNA TSHIRT will be going on my 2012 christmas list for at least the third time!! indulge me already, please?!].

*sigh.* ’twill have to suffice until i can get me to a concert! although, i likely had a better sightline with my nose-to-the-tv spot!

question #1: did you watch the super bowl yesterday? i likely will next watch football on super bowl sunday, 2013.

question #2: if so, did you watch for:

  • the football (who were the two teams playing again? haha!)
  • the ads (we are totally gypped in canada – the creative, just-out-for-super bowl tv commercials are replaced crappy canadian commercials by the canadian broadcasters. check out this article, “why most super bowl ads get stopped at the border” from friday’s globe and mail, if you like).
  • madonna at the half-time show!!!!

question #3: offer up your own madonna tribute(s)! earliest madonna memory: watching desperately seeking susan on vcr at tanya s’s house in high school, with a bunch of girlfriends!