dream a little fashion dream

curses. i have searched high and low over the past week for my orange birkenstocks, and i cannot find them anywhere. i always kept them in the front hall closet, and they are definitely not there. nor are they mixed in with the multitude of flipflops that are begging to come out of storage (they will have to wait to see the light of day until my good friday cleaning frenzy).

anyway, i can only conclude that in a fit of ruthless purging, i gave my orange birkenstocks away. this is really, really bad!!! i want to wear them! now i am going to have to go to zellers or walmart and get a cheap knock-off pair (and they won’t be orange). because there are a few looks that i am dying to sport this spring/summer season, and one involves birkenstock sandals.

this afternoon, mom and i are going shopping! i can’t wait. because i am feeling all fired up about fashion, here are the looks i would love to wear this spring/summer season. the following ideas are straight from my heart, and you have to promise not to laugh and not hold them against me.

1. the look: mirrored aviator sunglasses


inspired by: sandy, who i chitchat with at the store. sandy totally rocks her aviators, and i sooo want to wear this style of sunglasses. this makes absolutely no sense because i hate having anything on my face. now, while i would look nowhere near as awesome as sandy, i would feel oh-so-cool if i was wearing aviators. i saw a pair at the vintage shop beside the princess twin cinema last week, for $10. i am debating going back for them.

2. knee socks + birkenstocks (with a twist)

inspired by: university girls on st patty’s day. right up front: i have an inner snooki side when it comes to fashion, and this sock ‘n’ birkie combo idea is flat out snooki-ness.


i openly admit this, so that makes it ok. NOW. instead of wearing white, cotton knee high sport socks, i would get the hot pink CEP running compression socks we sell at the store and wear those…


with my orange birkenstocks…


if i could find them which is why i am so mad at myself for donating (?) them. i know you are raising your eyebrows at this idea, and yes it is more than questionable in taste to find style inspiration from drunk tipsy female students more than half my age…but i don’t care! it’d be a FUN look!!

3. feather earrings

the earrings at earthwinds

inspired by: harmony by earthwinds, the store across the street from the store. the earrings are $12.95. i am hoping i can find the same thing at h & m for half the price this aft.

4. beaded bracelets and leather bracelets


inspired by: a customer at the store. this girl was wearing about ten thin bracelets, some composed of tiny beads while others were thin strips of leather. the look was very earthy and summery.

5. bellbottom jeans


inspired by: i have no idea. i have always detested flared jeans, but along with an inner snooki, i have an inner hippie side, and i can only guess that the desire for faded, worn, vintage, low-rise 70’s style jeans comes from that. *big shrug of shoulders.*

to end, i am going to make a FASHION PROCLAMATION. i hereby announce that i am never going to give clothes or footwear away again. the birkenstock loss is but one example from, oh, the past six months of something i have had a craving to wear…but, i have given it away in a fit of cleansing and organizing. no more! with the cyclical nature of fashion, i will eventually want to wear something i think i don’t want to wear.

in conclusion, it would appear that my summer mantra’s be a bohemian.

what’s your look going to be this summer? luckily, there are a few vintage shops in my ‘hood and in TO that i can frequent. i also *need* a pair of cutoff jean shorts!

HAPPY RACING to all around the bay runners, this morning!

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  • Lisa  On March 26, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Ok, so I totally laughed at the proclamation—not because I think it’s a bad idea, but because I struggle with this and have for my WHOLE LIFE. As soon as I get rid of those jeans (or whatever) that I have not worn in 6 years because I’ll surely never wear them again and I’m ready to let them go…a couple months later, I am just ill at the thought that I got rid of them because I NEED them right now…

    The problem for me, though, is that I have crazy limited closet space, and no storage space. This weekend also created a struggle about “stuff” for my mom and me as we decided to go through her attic and consolidate/pitch things. 20 big bins of our lives are stored up there. Cabbage patch kids, toys, ….history. How do you get rid of that?!

    Obviously your birkenstock issue struck a chord with me!

    I just ordered some crazy overpriced aviators from Toms shoes online, and I hope I love them–I know I won’t. I hate sunglasses, and have never had a pair I like!

    I’m going for a sporty look this summer. I have yet to buy flip flops (it’s hard!), but other than that, I’m pretty much outfitted to look sporty!

    I love the funky looks too—and I know I’ll throw some of that in along the way!

    • 1970kikiproject  On March 26, 2012 at 1:12 pm

      oh, i hear you, lisa! it’s bad enough to get rid of clothing…but the childhood memories are SO HARD to part with!! we are twins on the sunglasses situation…please post a photo once you get your aviators – i’d love to see them! sporty suits you – i liked that photo on your blog today of you and m, and you have on a lulu hoodie, i believe! flipflops are such fun purchases because they’re so cheap – so you just HAVE to get more than one pair!

  • strivingcynic  On March 25, 2012 at 7:32 am

    I probably didn’t need to read this after all my “getting organized” statements (oh no! What did I throw out/donate). But, I tend to get rid of things I haven’t worn for a while and suspect even being in fashion wouldn’t make me wear again!
    I love your fashion picks. Any. Urge to try the colored jeans trend? I know I’d like some summery wedges but haven’t thought much beyond that!

    • 1970kikiproject  On March 25, 2012 at 7:48 am

      haha, yes, i hope you don’t have “organizer’s remorse” in a few months, zo! coloured jeans – love that look!! and again – back in the mid-90s, i had lime green jeans (esprit, maybe??) that i loved. should. have. kept.!!! hope you find some wedges – they are a perfect look for summer!!

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