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canada is getting rid of the penny!

i know!!!! this news story TOTALLY sounds like an april fool’s joke, doesn’t it?! but, it is indeed true. now, i honestly only found out about this monetary development on sunday, so i am very highly embarrassed because the penny decision came down on thursday. hey, when you have neither a newspaper subscription nor a tv and spend wayyyy more time reading blogs than searching out cnn online, it sometimes takes a bit for current affairs to hit your radar.


here are a couple of links to stories from the globe and mail [the globe doesn’t really have a sense of humour, so you know they wouldn’t josh around about the penny and make an april 1st joke]:

penny to die, but GST, HST to still be calculated to the cent [who made up that title? they split the verb! eesh, i hate that!]

penny’s demise signals an empire in decline

ode to the humble penny

i, for one, am delighted by this governmental, budgetary decision. i have considered pennies a nuisance for years. the penny only hits me sentimentally when i think back to my childhood years, and dad’s astounding penny collection – dad had pounds of pennies in huge, glass mason jars! as a child, i distinctly remember being out with mom, shopping, and we never, ever gave pennies to make correct change. mom would say, “we’ll save the pennies to take home to daddy!” i’ve told you how i won’t stop to pick up a penny on the sidewalk. hmmm, maybe i better change my ways and begin to hoard pennies asap. that one cent coin could be worth ten times its current value in, say, fifty years!

sidenote: do you know how incredibly easy it was to come up with a multitude of “letter c”-themed blog titles? i very likely could have dashed off twenty different posts, in a matter of minutes. the creative ideas were coming at me fast and furious!

here are a few of the brainwaves that did not make the cut:

~ cruising (bff debbie recently returned from a cruise, so i was thinking back to the cruise we went on which was at least fifteen years ago. i have very fond memories of that eastern caribbean holiday! debbie’s travel itinerary featured many of the stops that we made, so i loved seeing her gorgeous photos and hearing her stories)

~ conestoga mall (i almost went back up there on sunday afternoon – my huge fashion fever show no signs of abating!)

~ cutoff shorts (i think i have found a pair that i really like at o.w. sports – they’re roxy brand and they’re on sale)

~ coffee (this topic has been overdone on this blog and has grown tiresome)

~ cutie c (i could so easily pop up sixteen photos of my darling younger niece and bingo! there’s the blog post). ok, twist my arm, you do need one picture…

file photo: march 16.2012; i think we were playing bus stop

~ cereal (again, we need not revisit this subject again soon)

~ camaros (i know nothing about cars. this one has always looked cool)


~ cheers (second best sitcom ever, after seinfeld)

~ computers (we could debate the merits of mac vs pc [microsoft?]. so boring, so tedious)

~ cityline (they should never have let marilyn go)

~ comment ça va? (exposé on why i do not regret having a french degree that is of no use to me, today)

~ california (never been, want to go)

c” what i mean? somehow, i have this feeling that not all alphabet letters are going to be this simple to work with…currently, i am stuck for “g” which is due for saturday…feel free to help a girl out (guest post, anyone? haha!).

pennies: love ’em or leave ’em? dad – do you rue the day you cashed in your impressive stockpile??!

what would you choose to write about for a blog post beginning with the letter “c”? anyone else feel like we’re on an episode of sesame street??!