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knitting – duh

so did you really think i would do anything other than talk about knitting today? i thought not. happy to live up to your expectations!

i have a mishmash of knitting projects to chat about. let’s start with the log cabin blanket, since that throw was the last project completed:

i am as tired of showing you this project as you are of seeing it, but yet another snapshot is necessary for continuity of story.

this blanket will be part of the quilt auction on saturday, may 26th, out at the new hamburg mcc relief sale. if tradition holds true, mom and dad and i will go to the preview the evening before to look at all the works of art (because, really, that’s what the stitched quilts are).

this is the third contribution i have made to the sale. here is a photo of the pattern of submission #1:

i remember i chose the lighthouse theme because it reminded me of goderich!

i didn’t write down a date for when this blanket was part of the auction; maybe around 2003?

i sure got to know this chart very well after umpteen repeats!

the second blanket was a mosaic pattern:

the geometric shapes and the fabulous colour scheme sold me on trying this pattern

a close-up of the design

when i made this blanket, i used the same colour shades as in the book, there, and the yarn was purchased at (the now defunct) “cloth & clay” in uptown waterloo. i DID date this pattern, and it was part of the quilt auction in 2005.

what is next? well!…it depends on how insane i am how much i want to be challenged! my eye keeps coming back to this kaffe fassett pattern that i have in one of his books in my knitting library:

i love that photo - the english cottage, the blanket tossed from the window, kaffee's carefree grin (haha, he's so happy cuz he finished the darn blanket - joke!)

a close-up - check out the complexity of colour + design!

my hesitation to embark on this project is due to a couple of factors: 1) sourcing the yarn: there are over 25 colourways involved, and i imagine it would cost between $500-$1000 for yarn alone (no len’s mill specials would suffice for this masterpiece).  2) the mind-bending nature of the pattern – i for sure would NOT be reading and knitting while *whipping up* this creation:

here's a snippet of the chart you follow!

3) the time that would be needed to complete this project -> i am guess-timating a year? it would be a whole life-consuming kikiproject in and of itself!

can you imagine how amazing the finished product would look, though?!


i love and adore making baby blankets. they give me an excuse to use variegated yarn (my favourite type), insanely small needles, i can work on them and read at the same time, and then i like having the blankets on hand to give as gifts whenever a friend pops a baby. i had been working on a blanket which i set aside in order to focus on the log cabin blanket. i have now returned to the cast-aside baby blanket:


because i cannot resist a challenge, i have given myself the deadline of april 30th for finishing this blanket. it will be a one-of-a-kind: never again am i going to do an entirely seed stitch blanket on 2 mm needles.

once done, i HAVE to take a break from making baby blankets – look at the stash i have accumulated!

people! have more babies, please!

at least yarn does not have a “best before” date! but i seriously DO have to back off from the baby blankets.


in september, when mom and i attended the annual knitter’s fair (blog recap here), we found an awesome deal on red heart yarn. i bought three humungous balls of orange (total bill? $11.00):

each ball is 350 g so they are larger than they appear

my intent was to make…a baby blanket (groan). change in plan! i’ve decided to make myself a sweater! orange is my favourite colour, i have orange sweatshirts but no orange sweater…this is a good idea!

i have narrowed down my options to remakes of two sweaters i already have:

#1 –

minus the toy soldiers - don't you love her 80s hair and earrings?!

…which would be an update of…

this pullover that mom made me in high school - i still wear it!

#2 –

not quite so blatantly 80s...although the pattern is also from that era

…which would be an update of…

this yellow number that i wore on easter sunday; i made this pullover, yes, in high school!

i’ll putter around with the tensions and see which pattern will work best – i have no strong feelings one way or the other. i just want an orange sweater!

we’ll stop there. knitting is one of those things about which i could go on and on and on!…

i kan’t kome up with any kool kwestions today. i guess you kould komment if you knit. i know a few of you do!