Daily Archives: April 14, 2012

movie review

when i found out that our half-marathon instructor at the store would be showing this movie…


…to his clinic members, i couldn’t believe my lucky ears! i’ve been itching to see this running-themed documentary since it first came out in 2007. unfortunately, i was working the night of their movie-watching or i would have totally crashed their party, but luckily, derek owns the spirit of the marathon, and even MORE wonderful is that he was very willing to lend me his dvd over easter weekend.

good friday evening, after a hard day of organizing and cleansing [um, ok….i actually did not start cleaning until 3 pm. i got about 2/5 of what i had anticipated doing, done. what can i say? among other diversions (coffee with kate!), my creative powers were on HIGH, and blog ideas were oozing from my fingertips – i couldn’t let that momentum slip away. and i DID make noticeable cleaning progress…now i’ll just have more *fun* for another day] i rewarded myself with a movie night.

i love running stories. i don’t think i have watched a running documentary since january 2011 when i watched the dvd the long green line, lent to me by gina. [here is my blog entry about that film. tangent – wordpress is really cool -> did you know that it has an inner google system – i can just type in key words, like “running, movie, gina” and it will deliver the blog post i am looking for. genius! after 600+ blog posts, i am very grateful for this feature].

back to spirit of the marathon…oh, what a touching and exciting movie! if you are a runner, you will be inspired by the training aspect (the film follows 5-6 marathoners as they prep for the chicago ‘thon; a couple are first-timers, two are elites – deena kastor seems like such a sweet person). if running is not your *thang,* you will appreciate the life lessons of perseverance, goal-setting, and benefits of group support. i dare you to finish the movie with dry eyes! (and it was the back-of-the-pack finishers who choked me up rather than the elites – their stunning finishes will send shivers down your spine). dad – there is even a father-daughter combo older than us who finish hand-in-hand!

movie rating: ***1/2 (three point five stars) out of a possible four.

i can see why derek has this dvd in his library. it’d be great viewing for the night before a big race. might this be a christmas list item for next december???!

final thought: spirit of the marathon is the perfect name for this documentary. watching it reminds us of just how running is a metaphor for life, and how completing a marathon is not purely a physical feat.

what’s your favourite type of documentary? i like anything involving people. wordplay was neat, as was mad hot ballroom. i avoid any animal kingdom or military/war stuff, though.

any other running-themed movie recommendations? run fatboy run was pretty amusing; believe it or not, i am not that huge a fan of “run, forrest, run.”


today marks the half way point of the blogging from a-z challenge! hey, this is a cool coincidence: the blogging challenge includes writing 26 blog posts; running a marathon involves finishing 26 miles!