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no stopping monday

IT’S BOSTON MARATHON MONDAY!!!! (yes, it is necessary to yell – boston marathon monday makes me very hyper and giddy!).


today, i have a fun boston memento to show you:

this poster was stapled to just about every hydro pole along the race route

i keep that sign upstairs in the walk-in closet, and it is one of my most treasured keepsakes of participating in the boston marathon [i don’t remember which year it came into my possession].

all three years, what would happen is that brian and brad (my travel companions) would drive me into hopkinton and we would hang out (i lucked out with great weather, all three years) until the start of the race at 12 noon (today, they have wave starts; when i ran, we all started at noon). while i ran, brian and brad would drive back into boston, have lunch, goof around, and meet up with me when i was done.

one year, the guys decided to steal “help themselves” to a “no stopping monday” sign – they presented it to me at the end of the race, and we all got a good chuckle out of now owning a *hot* sign.

i love the double-meaning of “no stopping monday” – yes, the intent is to keep the race course free of vehicular traffic, but i’d rather apply the slogan to motivate the runners. just go, go, go, people!!

so, while i treasure my race jacket…

wish i had thought to purchase the jacket all three years!

the official tshirts:

long sleeve, 100% cotton!

and the medals…

they hang in the closet upstairs, too!

…”no stopping monday” fills my heart with joy in a special way.


i would like to wish the very, very best of race experiences to my friends from the store who are running boston today. donna, dexter, robert, teresa, jen, val…may the force be with you! may the wind be at your back! may you enjoy every painful after 20 miles powerful step of this historic and amazing course. i want to take each of you out for coffee asap upon your return so that you can share every gory detail with great depth about your race – you each will have a unique story, and i want to hear it all!

[on purpose, i have not delved into boston marathon history or any race day specifics, today – that is what google is for! but i have talked about boston each year on this blog – here is the 2010 post, here is the 2011 post. and, it appears that i have shown you a pic of my boston tattoo each year. let’s not mess with tradition!].

another unique treasure!


do you know anyone running boston today? yes! i will look up the results online, tonight!

have you run boston? yes! it is the world series of marathoning, without a doubt.

does marathon-talk bore you to tears? no way! luckily, talking about running is all in day’s work!


ETA: it’s supposed to hit 88 degrees F in boston today! the BAA has offered a deferral to next year for anyone wishing to take advantage of that option. if it was me, i would still run – that’s all a part of racing -> you take the conditions you are dealt, and you adjust accordingly.