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running – duh

whoa! we’re going to stop short


right here.

if we get going on such an all-encompassing topic like running, this post could be record-setting in length! similar to knitting, running has so many directions (memories! products! shoes! trainingmotivationmovieselites!) which we could debate and explore…it is best to not even begin.

one area not ever discussed is a running bucket list. i know i’ve shared some items from my LIFE bucket list (all together now: see madonna live, in concert; dye my hair platinum blond; ride on a float in a parade…) but i also have a subcategory on that list that specifically relates to races and events i would one day like to complete.

here, then, is the kiki running bucket list (twelve dreams, in no particular order):

~ run the nyc marathon (i have never been to new york city, and my dream would be to see all five boroughs for the first time by running through them)

~ requalify for and go back to boston

~ complete the endurrun series (this is a tour de france-style eight day, seven stage, 160 km running event held right in my own backyard, here in waterloo)

~ finish a 100 mile event (an ez one [oxymoronic??!] would be fine! i have no desire to do a hardcore trail event like western states, or even sulphur springs…i am thinking something like umstead would be nice)

~ do the jfk 50 miler (i was registered for this one back in the early 2000’s but a groin injury gave me a dns)

~ meet gina and jeff somewhere (vegas?!) and do a race (jeff can scoot ahead and me and gina can run + laugh)

~ break 40:00 minutes again in a 10k (only accomplished a couple of times in my life, thus far)

~ cross a finish line, hand-in-hand with dad, again!

~ run a half marathon every month for a year

~ do a streak year of running at least three miles every single day

~ run a 5 k every weekend for a year (there are enough races in southern ontario that this endeavour would be entirely possible…although maybe i should be retired, given the travel time that would be needed?).

~ run in a costume (be a princess at disney?!)

none of the events on this list are of such paramount importance that i will obsess and fret over them and think that life is not complete if they never come to fruition. it’s just fun to daydream and then see what comes to pass! years ago, i never would have dreamed that i would run an ultra, run boston, or run in moab, utah…these are all examples of really neat experiences that have been accomplished.

we’ve already shared bucket list items before, so let’s simply look at this topic from another angle:

what’s one life bucket list item that you have already completed? i’ll go with getting a tattoo (ok, i got two, and have at least one more planned!).