Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

wheels used by potters make artful creations

wow, mom and i are on a roll! two weekends, two artsy outings…i could get used to this lifestyle!

last friday eve, mom and i met up in my lobby and headed over to the spring pottery sale held at the rec centre:

friday eve was the only available time this weekend that really meshed with schedules

for some unknown reason, dad passed on the opp to join us...maybe his ears needed a rest...mom and i tend to talk a lot!

despite the overcast skies, and prediction of evening rain showers, we marched the seven minutes walk over to the rec centre. upon arriving, we were greeted by a pottery demo:

there were tons of awestruck kids standing alongside, all staring in wonderment!

this is the third spring pottery sale we have attended (2010 report is here, 2011 recap is here!). for this outing, neither mom nor i really had anything specific in mind that we wanted to purchase; our goal was more or less to chitchat extensively check out the pottery and see if something grabbed us.

here’s a petite tour:

i liked the spring flower pattern on this set of dishes!

i took this picture mainly for the sign, "wee bowls," but the little bowls themselves were super cute, too!

i was trying to imagine how you would create each of these shapes on the potter's wheel...what a remarkable artform.

a unique toothbrush holder! but the practical side in me thought, 1) how would you clean it? 2) i am sure i would knock it over and break it!

of course, i appreciated seeing my favourite birdie!

this bowl was my favourite item of the evening: i love the texture and the bright colours of the glazes.

what a cute bowl! it would make a fine addition to my eclectic dishes collection. it's not big enough to hold my salads, however!

an example of the symmetry achieved with a potter's wheel....simple beauty.

unfortunately, mom and i left the sale empty-handed this year. mom did debate purchasing two of these little knives…

mom currently has eight little spreaders that she has collected over the years from this sale...

…but the vibe was not 100% correct.

[we had to laugh because mom deviated from our usual system, and took a basket as soon as we entered the sale. murphy’s law, of course we found nothing. had we not had a basket with us, we would have been fumbling with numerous items, i am sure!].

mom, you will not be allowed to pick up a basket again!

as we exited the rec centre, we noticed the ground was wet with rain – oh no! would we be soaked by the time we got home again?? luckily, we had a window of clear conditions, and made it home safe and sound dry and warm. by the time i arrived in my unit, it was bucketing again! that cardinal sighting did bring us good luck!

it’s fascinating to see the variety of shapes and colour combos on exhibit at the pottery sale. i appreciate the work involved, and the talent of the potters. the pottery sale is as much an art gallery outing as a chance to purchase items!

the weekend also featured a used book sale in uptown waterloo – too bad it was not scheduled for this coming weekend so that we could attend yet another sale!


just as pottery can range from the simple to the complex, our discussion questions today will follow suit!

easy question: have you ever used a potter’s wheel? me = i think once, or maybe not? (?? i am fuzzy on the memory). the pros make it look so easy!

challenging question: in one sentence, write an analogy comparing how using a potter’s wheel is like life. the minister at the church i grew up in was a skilled amateur potter. he used to give a sermon where he used his potter’s wheel to demonstrate life lessons. i was fortunate to see it a few times, and it was a really powerful presentation filled with a-ha moments.