Daily Archives: April 27, 2012

XL revisited

one day last week, i made the time to take myself out for a solo coffee outing. while i love and adore meet-ups in coffee shops with friends or family, sometimes it is just nice to get out by yourself.

i debated returning to tim horton’s and repeating my XL coffee order…but then i remembered just how much coffee would be involved (seriously, that XL is large enough to drown in) and thought the better of it.

so, i went to the coffee shop that has the best decaf in the ‘hood, imo!…

thumbs up for the convenient location, interior ambiance...and coffee!

just for the blog [i needed my “x” idea for the blogging challenge!], i ordered the biggest size of coffee possible:

$2.05 for that cup on the far right...i think that's about 50% of the price of s'bux??!

i chose a window seat, and got out my journal:

ready to brainstorm!

now, my cardinal journal (a goderich purchase so it has very good vibes associated with it) is not to be confused with my daily journal. i only use the cardinal notebook…

that's "my bird!"

…for when i want to do some deep thinking. writing with pen on paper seems so old-fashioned nowadays, but it is still such a satisfying process – i find ideas just freeflow as fast as i can record them!

the coffee culture coffee was x-cellent and i thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing, mid-day break.

do you ever take work to a coffee shop? some people find the neutral territory helpful in getting down to business; other people are distracted by the activity and people watching. the trend to use a coffee shop as a mobile office has sure blossomed over the past few years.

my favourite local coffee shop at which to compose blog posts is cafĂ© 1842 – the vibe (and quick internet connection, haha!) is just right, there.