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zoom to the finish

saturday eve found me back in elmira, raring to go for part two of the EndurRace event!

elmira is rightly very proud of its maple syrup festival!

our distance this time was 8k – hallelujah for 3 more km’s to run than last week.

same compression socks, different shoes (brooks ghost 2's), redone racing nails, lucky gloves!

the gel noosas were miffed that they had to stay home this week…but, i wanted to give my brooks ghosts a go! i’ve got ’em broken in just so.

the weather saturday eve was even more perfect than last week for running:

four degrees warmer (11 degrees C) and less windy...

...and more sun!

the course was almost the same as last week’s square, just a bit larger. i give the course designs an A+: they were picturesque, quiet, mostly flat. this week, i smelled bbq hamburgers along with the cow manure as we toured along (not a pleasing combination, trust me).

watch for runners! (all drivers i encountered waited patiently for us to pass)

[true confession: after last week’s results, i was not running solely for FUN, i was out for blood. i am only kinda joking].

my legs found their groove at the 4 k mark. at 5 k, i thought, “hey! last week i was done already!” and i was very glad i was not done already, this week. i really felt good at the 7 k mark.

the field for the 8k was much smaller than for last week’s 5 k – like, there were about 100 less participants. [the waterloo half and full marathons were yesterday morning, that may have taken away some potential 8k participants]. weirdly, from about 6 k on, i had no one within sight. it was a bit lonely!

i finished feeling strong and with a big smile – the way it should be.


time: 38:20 (chip time 38:14)

2/15 in age group

9/102 in females

69/215 overall

funny enough, i felt like i was running slower than last week, but i had an average pace of 4:48 per km which is 3 seconds faster than last week…see, i told you i need more distance!!

top three masters females, overall! me, 1st place, 3rd place

after the race, i hung out with some regular customers from the store (that sounds funny but i can’t really call them “friends,” so what else to say?!)…no photos because i do not know any of these people well enough to say “can i put your photo on my blog?!”

and, i won a draw prize this week! i chose a saucony drawstring bag – it was either that or a water bottle. soooo many people stuck around this week for the prizes and awards – i think the lure of the $250 cash final draw prize and the awards for the 5 + 8 k combined events kept people interested.

numbers for 5 + 8 k combined events!

1:02:34 total time

1/9 in age group

6/64 for females

54/145 participants

after doing two 6 pm races, here are my thoughts on the benefits and negatives of running an early evening race:


~ i felt loose and warmed up after a day of moving around. no tightness or stiffness that you sometimes have first thing in the morning.

~ i had time to gear up mentally, and excitement grew over the hours of the day so that by race time, i was psyched to get the show on the road!

~ the temps were warmer than first thing in the a.m.

~ no, er….potential for gastro-intestinal distress, if you get what i mean, later in the day


~ w.a.i.t.i.n.g until early eve to run – my circadian rhythms like to get out in the early a.m. so i found it tough to wait til later in the day to get running.

~ since i worked at the store for five hours each saturday, my legs were not fresh like they are in the morning.

so, now that BOTH parts of the EndurRace are complete and the work is done, i can wear the tshirt this week!

all of the collectibles: bib, saucony draw prize bag, TSHIRT!!!, and three medals

[all participants in the combined 5 & 8k distances received the finisher’s medal on the black ribbon that you see in the photo, there].

the next race is all picked out. giddy-up!


and just like that, today’s entry concludes our participation in the blogging from a-z challenge. i am so glad i joined in. i genuinely enjoyed the blogging-by-alphabet concept and felt creatively inspired. april zipped right past!

the challenge organizers have invited us to write a final a-z reflections post on monday, may 7th, so i am going to wait for that date to share my conclusions and impressions.

april: did it go fast or slow for you?? just like a marathon, the beginning and end dates sped by while the middle days progressed at a more languid pace.